I fashion serves my non-verbal communication. I love dressing

I have
always had an ambition to pursue a career in the fashion industry, nothing in
the world makes me as excited, motivated and confident as fashion. It’s what
drives me to succeed in life. I wake up thinking about it and fall asleep
dreaming about it. Ever since I was little I remember spending hours changing
the clothes on my dolls, cutting pieces of old material into new outfits,
ensuring their hair makeup and accessories all matched, watching countless
runway shows, and designing outfits in my sketch books. Growing up I enjoyed helping
all my friends choose the perfect outfit, styling them for nights out and
lending them my clothes. I progressed to styling all the outfits for my school
fashion show, posting outfit photos online and setting up a fashion blog. From
missing nights out with friends to save for the perfect pair of shoes, spending
hours online browsing through blogs to forecast the trends, and choosing to buy
the ridiculous fur coat over buying food for the week. It’s truly something I
love, it’s my true passion.  Fashion for
me is how I express myself, I can tell the world who I am by the outfit I wear.
I can portray whoever I want to be, fashion serves my non-verbal communication.
I love dressing up mixing colours, patterns and fabrics to create the perfect
look. My outfit affects how I face the world, it’s my social armour. I feel
capable of facing any challenge, obstacle or person with the right outfit.

I am from a small town in the south of
Ireland called Tralee, as you can imagine deciding to pursue a career in
fashion and study abroad is not the normal career path. I know many of my
friends and family can’t understand why I would consider moving to a new country
all alone when I could attend college in Ireland and follow the same path as my
peers. Although much to their astonishment I’ve never drifted from the fact
that I wanted to work in fashion. The decision to move to Manchester is a huge
step for me, it is the biggest life changing decision I have made in my short
19 years of life. It doesn’t scare me, as I realise and appreciate that I can
go and pursue my dream, study my passion all while learning about a new culture.
It will give me the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. It
will provide me with real life experience where I will develop personally and
intellectually. I will gain more confidence and independence, I will learn to
find myself while immersed in a new environment, it will be an experience
unlike any other. I will have more career opportunities, liberty and success
after studying abroad. Manchester is the perfect place for me to broaden my
knowledge and apply my skills to grow within the fashion industry.

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Creativity, style and art are the
essences of fashion but to sustain a successful fashion brand business is the
key element. This course is very special to me as it offers fashion and
business. Growing up my favourite movie was ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ it
displayed everything I had always dreamed about vogue, runway and fashion.
Meryl Streep’s character made a powerful statement that made me understand the
significance of fashion, to be more than glamour, the self-indulgent and the
superficial. She explains how something so insignificant to some people such as
the colour of their sweater represents billions of dollars and thousands of
jobs. From then I really understood the fashion industry to be both a business
and a creative outlet. Ultimately fashion is the art form that everyone takes
part in, not everybody paints or likes poetry or dance, but fashion is
everywhere, and everyone is a part of it. Fashion has captured social and
economic change. It has captured moments in time that have provided fascinating
insights into the people of past decades. In conclusion that’s why fashion
never fails to amaze me.

I am currently studying an art, craft and design
level 5 course. Which has provided me with an insight into the modules of the
course I have chosen. I have work shadowed a local fashion designer ‘and
observed her day to day routine to understand how she does her job. It provided
me with me an invaluable insight into the how hard working, highly creative and
business orientated the profession is.  I
have closely followed the careers of successful fashion retailers and
entrepreneurs. Including Umar Kamani who attended MMU,
co-founder and CEO of ‘PLT.com’. I have always had a desire to follow in the
footsteps of Irish native Shelly Corkery fashion director of Brown Thomas and
entrepreneur Conna Walker founder at House of CB. Their success is what I
aspire to achieve. Online retail businesses, social media and
modern marketing are the future and an undeniable part of successful fashion
businesses, after completing the course this is the line I would be interested


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