I crunch of the snow under my feet as

I awaken, very excited and ready to see snow for the first time in my life. I was informed at work yesterday that Atlanta was expecting to see four inches of snow. The house is extremely quiet because everyone was sleep. As I get out of my bed and look out the window, I could see the world covered in a sea of white snow. I begin to rush and get dressed, with excitement filling my whole body. Down the stairs I go as I ran to the front door. Today, I will walk through my snow-covered yard, a Florida boy’s dream.
I stop at the front door and watch in astonishment as the snow falls slowly. The cold, white flakes descends peacefully down from the sky, covering the whole block in white. I began to push the door open, and I carefully  watch my step onto so I do not slip. I now see my whole front yard, a wintry paradise covered in snow. I see the car covered in a thick layer of snow, the front front yard is as white and fluffy as a pillow. 
I walk down the steps and to the sidewalk, as I hear the crunch of the snow under my feet as if I were stepping on crumbs in the kitchen. I see the white substance covering the branches of the trees. As I walk down the driveway, I see the mailbox resting under a thick layer of snow. I step to the freezing, snow covered care to scrape some snow off of the car window, looking inside. The white chunks freezes my hand, so I put my hand inside my pocket to warm it. The snow still falls constantly.
    I begin walking around the neighborhood to see the rest of the wonderland. I stop and scoop some snow from the ground into my hand. After shaping the snow into a ball, I throw it straight ahead about ten feet, my first snow ball. I walk past the neighborhood pool and see that the water has frozen. The snow still falls consistently, making the ground around even more fluffy. I can feel myself being decorated with tiny pieces of ice. But still, I continue through the sea of white.
    The city seems like it stood still. The quietness is almost ominous. As I walk outside of my neighborhood I brush against a shrub, and the snow falls to the ground like powdered sugar on a funnel cake, revealing the green leaves underneath. It kind of made me want a funnel cake. I begin walking down the road to the park. The only sounds I hear are my breath and the snow crunching under my feet, as well as the birds above me. I see the basketball courts beyond the next playground. The normally green cemented court is now covered in white, blending with the lines painted on it.    
I walk through the rest of the park to the walking trail. I noticing the snow-covered forest-like environment. The trail leads me around a curve to the now white covered construction, no more Georgia red clay. As I continue to walk the trail, down the hill, completing a small loop leading back into the playground . I leave the park to walk home. On my way there, I have yet to see a car drive down the street. I walk down to the front of the neighborhood, as I see the name of it covered in white sheets. I walk through the entrance of my own winter land as if it were the north pole. I walk a little faster because I am starting to get really cold.
    Feeling colder now, I decide to go back inside and eat breakfast. I see my house and the car a few hundred feet away, covered in white like a gingerbread house with frosting. As I approached the driveway, I see that the car window is covered with another thin layer of snow. It was as if I never wiped it off. I run get to the door of the house, stomping the snow off of my feet. Before I enter the door, I turn to look at the snowy wonderland,  I’ll return soon.


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