I complex datasets, a skill that will be valuable

I am
writing to express my interest in the Global Health Security Intern position in
the Centre for Global Health Security. I am currently a Rotary Global Scholar
studying a Master of Public Health at Imperial College London, concentrating in
Global Health. I have completed core public health courses, such as Statistical
Thinking and Data Analysis. Some of the modules I am currently taking are
Global Health Challenges and Governance, Contemporary Topics in International
Health Policy, Health Systems Development, and Health Economics. This
coursework has given me a deep understanding of emerging health interventions
and policy evaluations, and has taught me how to apply it in concrete cases.

Prior to entering
Imperial College, I grew up in Amman-Jordan and completed my undergraduate
degree in California. In Amman, I witnessed tremendous population health
issues, such as limited healthcare resources and access, largely as a result of
the refugee crisis across the region. Promoting and delivering healthcare to
diverse, underserved populations is a critical component of our international
priority to reduce health disparities. This realization defined my aspirations
within global health development and policy.

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As an undergraduate, I
worked as a research student with Dr. Youfa Wang in Buffalo-New York, where I analysed
complex datasets, a skill that will be valuable to the Global Health Security
Intern position. One of my two projects was systematically analysing the pre
and post-resettlement food intake patterns among refugees in the US, focusing
on their food security levels and adjustment to the US’ food environment. Our
comprehensive examination revealed effective and sustainable nutrition and
health education programs are needed to help refugees maintain healthy diets
and good health. From my work in Buffalo, I have co-authored and presented two
papers that have been accepted to Advances in Nutrition. During the
past five months, I have also been working with the same group on a project
evaluating the impact of mobile-health interventions for obesity/diabetes

Through this research, I
developed a strong interest in the scientific, social, political and economic
impacts of population-related health analysis. My research interests and
experiences have prepared me for challenging and inter-disciplinary work in
global health. The Centre for Global Health Security’s vast network and
research activity are closely aligned with my interests and will enable me to
apply what I have learned to advocacy and policy-analysis work in global health. The combination of
my academic and professional experiences has provided me with analytic,
strategy, interpersonal, and process-thinking skills to deeply examine the
complex dynamics within global health security and governance as well as the humanitarian and health
policy challenges confronting the international community. the importance and
global impact of epidemiological evidence on disease.

please find a copy of my CV, which provides additional information on my
research and leadership experiences. I am available all day on Tuesdays, before
11 a.m. and after 1 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays, and after 3 p.m. on
Thursdays. These hours may alter at the end of February, but my availability
will remain similar. I am also willing to work evenings and weekends. All my
classes will be completed by March 23. Thank you for your time and for
considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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