I between Christian and Muslim in Beirut and Lebanon.

  I knew Mother Teresa was incredible person
who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. However, I did not know about Mother
Teresa in detail. I wanted to find out about Mother Teresa and did so. I am
going to write information about Mother Teresa and I hope you will know about
Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa grew up in
1910 in “the Republic of Macedonia”. She hoped to be a sister and dedicate
herself to poor people in her childhood. But, she was so young that she could
not join a group of sisters. At the age of 18, she joined a group of sisters in
Ireland. After a few months of training, she became able to go to India. When
she started to working as a teacher in India, she was had an impact by the
poverty of Calcutta and began a new order called “The Missionaries of Charity”.
She went through the Bengal famine in 1943 and the Hindu/ Muslim violence in
1946. For many years, Mother Teresa and other sisters survived on a little money
and food. In1952, she built the house for people who waited for death, which
called “the home for the dying”. Mother Teresa spent many times with people who
were dying. Thanks to it, many people who were neglected could die knowing that
someone cared. Mother Teresa’s work became worldwide. She decided to reach out
both those who believed in Catholic and those who didn’t so. In 1965, Mother Teresa’s
activities spread more and her charity group was admitted as “International
Religious Family”. In 1979, Mother Teresa was given the Nobel Peace Prize as the
symbol of human love. In 1997, Mother Teresa died at the age of 87?Biography

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  Mother Teresa conducted “The Missionaries of
Charities” expect for “the home for the dying”. She built a school without a
building. Between 1950s and 1960s, she created facilities for health of people and
children. In 1971, Mother Teresa went to New York City to open her first
American-based house. In 1982, she aided children without regard to faith’s
difference between Christian and Muslim in Beirut and Lebanon. In 1985, she provided
people who got HIV/AIDS “Gift of Love which was the house they could fight
against HIV/AIDS. ?The Biography.com website?.

  Mother Teresa left many words until she died.
For example, she said “Give forever love to people” and “I hope peace,
agreement and love will come in this world”?
Igarashi 156 and 184?. I think she is one of a
best person who loved people and hoped for peace. I want to love people and
hope for peace of the world like Mother Teresa.


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