I avenues in research. Subsequent to and during achieving

I would
like to pursue a career in the research and teaching of management. In
particular, I am interested in the factors that affect the employee’s attitude
and productivity during a Cross Cultural Merger and Acquisition (M), the
manner in which change in culture affects the organisation’s performance and
strategies, and the ways to avoid losing people and productivity during Cross
Cultural M&A. In order to gain appreciation of these and related issues, it
is essential for me to have a strong grounding in International Business, Cross
Cultural Management, and the issues connected with Human Behaviour and Managing


believe that the Ph.D. program in management would be invaluable in assisting
me achieve these aims. In addition, it would allow me to channel my conceptual
and practical skills in examining business issues, and would open new avenues
in research. Subsequent to and during achieving a Ph.D., I would like to work
as a faculty member in a leading university; and analyse issues concerned with Organisational
Behaviour and Human Resource Management, particularly related to Cross Cultures,
as it affects the organisational performance, structure and strategy.   

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believe my background in Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, and
Strategic Management and Leadership has equipped me for such a career. I
established interest in research and found it fascinating since my under
graduating days, where I received impressive grades in the research segments
and helped numerous classmates with research methods. My three years of
Accounting and Finance education have prepared me with strong grounding in
mathematics and theoretical aspects of business, although I did not perform to
my satisfaction in GMAT (I scored 37 in the quantitative section). However, I
have done exceptionally well in Quantitative Methods module (scored 95 percent/grade
A), and solved massive advanced taxation problems confidently (scored 88
percentage/grade B+) during my bachelor’s degree.



pursuing the bachelor’s degree, I started working at the UK’s second largest
home improvement and D.I.Y. company (Homebase Ltd.) as a part-time sales
assistant. After two hard working years, I got offered a role to lead a team of
10-15 people, and I accepted the role with a smiling face and a sharp focus on
my responsibilities. I became the first employee who got promoted in such a
short period of time. At the same time, I decided to pursue a Master’s in
Business Administration (MBA) to merge conceptual knowledge with practical


joined The Claude Littner Business School, London (MBA program) in order to
broaden my perspective and to improve my career prospects. Managing People, Organisational
Behaviour and Human Resource Management – subjects new to me – were
fascinating, and I enjoyed applying conceptual and quantitative skills to
examine business problems. I was voted as one of the five most promising
students in my batch, and received best presentation award (a little treat from
the professors, which was more than an award for me) and highest grades in the
class project twice during the graduation. Also, my dissertation got selected
in top few dissertations of the year (scored 92 percent/grade A-) on topic – ‘Impact
of Cross Culture on Bunnings Performance and Strategies in the UK’ (find
attached copy). Also, I developed my English writing skills to a professional
level, and wrote various research papers (shockingly, I scored less at the GMAT
verbal section, which was the strongest section amongst all other sections).


at Homebase, simultaneously, I learned how to apply the principals and lessons
of management to real life. I have experienced a Cross Cultural Acquisition
when my company was acquired by an Australian company named Bunnings. I positively
applied theoretical concepts, such as Cross Cultural Management and Human
Resource Management, during this integration. Besides, reading journals and
articles extensively about management has always kept me up to date and helped
me to solve various organisational problems. As a result, I got nominated as
employee of the year twice and received appreciation from seniors regarding the
innovative ideas and approaches to resolve various organisational problems
(details in the CV). Moreover, it was extremely difficult and challenging
working full-time in the evening and studying full-time in the morning. All
hard work got paid off, nevertheless, when I received various achievement
awards for work and graduated with merit (GPA 3.81).


this has provided me valuable insights into the environment in which companies function
– how they affect this environment and are affected by it. It has allowed me to
observe some of the best and worst ways of running a business. Certain assignments
have been thought provoking; my most recent assignment, on how cross cultural
affects organisational performance and strategies, helped me understand the importance
of pre-acquisition plans, and realise the significance of communication during
Merger or Acquisition. An assignment involving the business development strategies
brought home to me the importance of change in order to remain competitive in
the market.


The time
restriction on each project has trained me to plan well, maintain my reports up
to date, and work systematically.  Extensive
use of computers for preparing reports and presentations has trained me with
word processing, spreadsheet and presentation packages. Simultaneously, examination
of past figures to prepare future plans has improved my analytical skills to a
professional level.


the highly diverse nature of projects has helped me to gain a broad exposure to
the business world, it has not been possible for me to study specific Human
Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour – related issues in depth. I realise
in order to be able do so, I need a better understanding of various facets of
management, and further training in research methodology. Based on the findings
of case study from my last research, therefore, I am now focusing my research
efforts to study the effect of Cross Cultural M&A on employee’s attitude, the
manner in which Cross Cultural M disturbs the employee’s productivity,
and the ways to avoid losing people and productivity during Cross Cultural
M&A. I desire to dedicate much of my time, simultaneously, to assisting enterprises
to manage their relationship with subordinates and managers more effectively during
M&A so that they can more successfully face the many challenges of todays’
dynamic world.


my bachelor’s and master’s programs, I have been intensively trained in
qualitative and quantitative research methods. Both of those methods have been
utilized in my previous researches, and I am aiming to adopt both of those
methods in my future research. Moreover, I am planning to adopt ethnography and
interpretative approaches to conduct my future research. By adopting
ethnography approach, I am aiming to visit few targeted companies or
organisations, which got acquired or merged recently, and try to observe and
listen the employee’s attitude towards the different culture in a non-directed
way. The main motive to adopt interpretative approach, on the other hand, is to
collect people’s individual and collective understanding about Cross Cultural
M through the interviews and questionnaires, and use their understanding
and perceptions as a primary source of data. At the end, I wish to analyse the collected
data through SPSS software, as I have been operating SPSS software since
previous three years.


desire to achieve a Ph.D. at Wilfrid Laurier University for many reasons. I
have had a discussion with one of my former lecturers regarding Ph.D. program
at Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, and am impressed with the
emphasis placed on analytical and technical skills, general management
orientation and rigorous research methodology. The school’s strengths in
international management and Human Resources Management are commensurate with
my research interest. Faculty members like Ivona Hideg’s area of interest is
equivalent to mine, and the faculty’s reputation for excellent teaching,
challenging course work and the excellent facilities are added attractions.


the research in and study of management is my primary goal, my interest in
music, cooking, literature and sports help me maintain a sense of perspective
in life. I have got excellent presentation skills and achieved awards twice
during my graduation. Additionally, I believe each of us must share the skills
and knowledge to help others – to this end, I have used my business skills,
work experience from a multinational company and international exposure to help
a few of my old friends in India to set up their small businesses. Likewise, I
have spent the past year working with them, and helping them with various
business strategies, which I have learnt from my experience. For instance – identifying
prospective clients, ensuring the successful accomplishment of pre-set business
targets in the face of growing competition, and executing plans to reach out
unexplored market segments and customer groups using market segmentation and
penetration strategies.


hope that the admissions committee finds my background and strengths
commensurate with the requirements of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Ph.D. program
in Management.      


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