I all, it is a comprehensive university that furnishes

I believe my country is a place of immense possibilities.
Although 80% of our people live below the poverty line, the number of current mobile
subscriber is 143 million as per the report of Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission
(BTRC), which is almost 84% of the total population. Amongst which, the
Smartphone penetration is 33.65% with a humongous incline of 628% from 2012
(GSMA). After completion of my Graduate studies, I expect to apply what I have
learned to drive the communication industry forward and thus benefit people and
society as a whole. In my country, where the telecom industry is drastically
changing its shapes and concepts to fit in the near future, I wish to blend in
and contribute with my gathered knowledge and experience for the sole purpose
of modernizing my country and community. By working in this context, I am
confident that I can distinguish myself as a leader in my profession, keep my
social commitments and also look further beyond.

In this regard, I find Finland to be the most appealing
option as it has technological advancement in communication sector which exceeds
beyond imagination and clearly excels as the front runner in the race of
competitive future. Making internet access a legal right added a surprising
tone to me as in the context of my country, it seems pretty improbable.

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I believe University of Oulu is the appropriate choice for
me, since it is focused on teaching, research and scholarly activity. The
involvement of global telecommunication and electronics companies like NOKIA to
undergo some cutting-edge research is too good avert. Substantial research
works related to 5G, IoT, future wireless communication technologies anticipated
me to pursue research work here for MS acquisition. Here, I will receive an
education that gives me both, the technical skills and the intellectual discipline
to become a leader in the arena of wireless communication engineering. In all,
it is a comprehensive university that furnishes an education that will serve me
well in my career and prepare me for a lifetime of learning.


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