“I a long time. An example is when king

“I beg you make an exception. Are you my wife or my
queen?” “I am both, and a strong man would be able to kneel to both.”
This is just one example showing how Queen Elizabeth II showed her power. Queen
Elizabeth is the longest-serving monarch in British history and she started off
as a 25-year-old with no experiences in politics. Elizabeth reign after a lot
great and important monarch before her. How important how she been for the
monarchy and today’s Britain? The queen is just the representative of the
country, and kind of do not have a real power, but has she been able to put her
name in the history books?

The monarchy had strict rules and were really conservative.
The rules were especially strict fo marriage. The British royal family is only
allowed to marry… This has been a problem for a long time. An example is when
king George became king. He was not expected to inherit the throne because his
older brother Edward were. Edward chose to marry a divorced woman and chose
love before the throne. Elizabeth’s sister, Margret, had the same problem when
she wanted to marry Peter Townsend who also was a divorcee.  Margaret was often viewed as a controversial
member of the British royal family. We kind of had the same problem in Norway
when King Harald wanted to marry Sonja. They couldn’t marry because she wasn’t
royal or noble. They are slowly breaking the rules. But now, Prince Charles has
married Camillia Parkey-Bowles who is a divorcee! (Anwesha, 2013) Both countries
kind of had the same development. King Harald risked it all for love.

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Queen Elizabeth have been able to make differences so far
during her reign. The British monarchy went from being conservative to more modern.
Elizabeth had to work hard make her reign modern, but she still has maintained
certain traditions associating with the crown. (A&E Television Networks,
2018). The first sign of a more modern change was during the coronation. The
ceremony was broadcasted on television for the first time and people from all
over the world could see the event. Another difference she made during her
reign was to modernize the monarchy by dropping some of the formalities and
making certain sites available to the public. Queen Elizabeth ended up having a
long and peaceful reign marked by some big changes in the British people’s
life, the power of the country, Britain’s power abroad and how the monarchy is
portrayed today. Although queen Elizabeth is known for making the British monarchy
more modern, she is also known to be a sticker or tradition. (the guardian, 2010)

Britain has a strong position in the world today, because
of Elizabeth efforts. Great Britain was once an Empire, but right before queen Elizabeth
came to the throne, the British Empire became commonwealth nations. Elizabeth
visited the commonwealth nations a lot and were the representative from
Britain. (the guardian, 2010) Most of the countries had
gained their independence before Elizabeth became the queen. They
decolonisation happened through the 20th century. Although they gained
independency, they still remained their loyalty to the British Crown and became
members of the Commonwealth of Nations. 53 countries were members and they have
a common history and culture from having been a part of the British Empire. (Ibarra, 2018). Queen Elizabeth
also worked a lot to make a great position in the country. But they almost lost
their power because I think they became too distant to the people. Queen
Elizabeth had to spend some time among the people to be able to continue as the

Queen Elizabeth have lived through a lot. In February 2017
she celebrated 65 years on throne, making her more experienced than many other
politicians. Britain has seen dramatical changes during her reign and it’s
probably because of her that they still have a monarchy in Britain. She worked
hard and managed to take care of the people and I think that they would have
lost their monarchy if it wasn’t for Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth made a lot of
changes saving the monarchy from falling. (Stanley, 2015) you know you have
achieved something when Netflix makes a tv-series about you.


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