I 1750’s by a Scottish chemist and physician Joseph

    I have learned a lot about how carbon
monoxide affects ocean life and how it can also effect everything around it.
Many interesting facts came from this I learned that if we have too much carbon
in the ocean it will affect how oceans and shell fish reproduce and how it
could kill our coral reefs which will wipe out many fish species. I’ve also
learned that carbon monoxide can make the planet heat up because too much of its
emitted into the air

     Caron monoxide is really important to the
human society for many of reasons it could potentially help human society or
really hurt the human society because the importance is that we don’t need to
much carbon monoxide we need the perfect amount of it so everything will
function right with it.  Many plants and
marine life die because too much carbon monoxide makes stuff to acidic so they can’t
eat or drink or live in the environment affected by it. It will have a huge
effect on ocean life by 2050 if we don’t do something to make less carbon
monoxide into the air they say the western ocean will be too acidic to support
life and to acidic to swim and take resources from.

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   The effects co2 has on everything in the
world is amazing and is also very interesting on how it can effect everything we
do in life such as what we drink and eat and how it can affect how the world
will turn out like if the co2 in all the air and ocean gets to bad it could
make it were we can’t get certain types of food and destroy oceans. Carbon
dioxide can take a huge role in global warming by the direct effect on plants.
Carbon dioxide can cause plants to have less evaporating cooling which will
cause the world to get warmer and not be able to cool off as quick. Scientist
say more than a quarter of warming is due to the impact of increased carbon
dioxide on vegetation. Carbon dioxide is in almost everything in the world such
as trees ,oceans , and plant life even though when the carbon dioxide levels
get really high in the objects can cause major disaster such as animals not
reproducing plants not giving off proper amount of cooling. The atmosphere
takes around forty five percent of the carbon monoxide and the rest goes to all
the animal’s oceans and plants.

        Co2 was found in the 1750’s by a Scottish
chemist and physician Joseph Black. Joseph also founded magnesium, and latent
heat he was a professor of Anatomy and Chemistry at the University of Glasgow
for 10 years. Joseph taught for 30 years at the University of Edinburgh he
later had both chemistry buildings named after him at the University of Glasgow
and the University of Edinburgh. Joseph found that when heat or treat limestone
with acids it would form a gas called fixed air. He said that fixed air was
heaver and denser than regular air therefore it couldn’t support animal life or
a flame. Joseph was the sixth child out of the twelve brothers and sisters he
had Joseph was educated at home till he was twelve years old and after he
attended a grammar school till he was eighteen then later went on to going to a
university to finish out his schooling.

    When the concentration is low the gas is odorless
and when the concentration is high the gas is like a sharp acidic odor. Carbon
dioxide does not have a liquid state only a gas state which can only transfer
straight into a solid state of matter which is also known as dry ice. Carbon dioxide
is also used in a lot of things we dink like soda and we also eat it in some
candy’s such as pop rocks which is pressurized by carbon dioxide gas. Carbon dioxide
can also be used to put out fires by surrounding the flame with the gas which we
use a fire extinguisher and it will not react to the fire to cause a explosion.
Carbon dioxide can be used as a solvent to it can be used to take out the caffeine
from coffee.

is CO2?  CO2 is also known as carbon
dioxide which is a colorless gas. Many things can be made or set off by carbon
dioxide like volcanoes, geysers, and hot springs which is caused by carbonate
rocks. CO2 is a soluble in water which means it occurs naturally in ground
water, rivers, lakes, and sea water. CO2 shows up in many things we use in our everyday
life like in gas for our cars. Carbon is a key to life on earth like
atmospheric carbon is the source of life on earth.  Carbon dioxide was the first gas to be
described as a discrete substance and was founded by Jan Baptist Van Helmont in
1604. It was thought to be a invisible gas that was let off when they burned charcoal.
Carbon dioxide is colorless.

      Many scientists also believe that within
those years many of the coral reefs will also be dissolved which will cause a
huge population loss for all the shell fish in the ocean so therefore lots of
other species will die to the lack of food. The lack of shell fish will effect
lots of population drop in the world for humans because one fifth of the world’s
population relies on seafood as there source of protein.  Then this will lead to a drop in economy
because seafood brings in roughly seventy five million to one hundred eighty
seven million dollars a year. The last thing that could help save all the
marine life would be to create a marine protected areas where there will be no
fishing or fossil fuels burned there.

off the sea covers around three quarters of the earth surface and has a huge
role on everything thing we do in life. Over the past 250 years the acidity in
the ocean has gone up by 30 percent. A lot of the acidity comes from the
burning of fossil fuels into the air scientist also say that by the rate we are
burning fossil fuels the Southern Ocean has the potential to become corrosive
by the year 2050. If the ph levels keep rising it will have a huge effect on
the marine life the oysters and lobster will have a slow down on breeding in
certain areas.

  I will be explain to you in this how co2
effects and benefits ocean and sea life. Many of the reasons are bad and
terrible for the environment. CO2 can cause many problems in our world as in
the stuff we eat and were we get it from because it could potentially destroy
all the reefs in the ocean.

CO2 Carbonic Acid Equilibrium Effects Sea and Ocean Life


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