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Humans are visual creatures. We find beauty and attraction in seeing. This means that an image-plenty website garners more attention than a Wikipedia-like site.Images are of utmost important when trying to make your website look professional. Professional images make the products in a website look more desirable and appealing. The website appears more trustworthy and credible when the designer uses professional images. In addition, the website looks more expensive. A product that appears more expensive is often associated with better quality.The secret to having professional website is picking the right images. But how and from where can these right images be obtained? The first thing is that you should avoid using pixilated or fuzzy images. For instance, overstretching a small image to fit a specific area can distort the image and make it appear fuzzy. Secondly, you should use unique images. Rather than using the same cheesy photos that every website uses, you should use photos that look more candid and real, even if it means taking the photos yourself. Thirdly, you should use photos that have meaning; not random photos. Images with interactions connect with the audience and give the visual content more depth. Finally, people are attracted to faces and you should try to use images that have faces.When looking for the images to use in a website, it is important to note that the images can be obtained from free or paid sources. Free images are usually less focused, but they are more creative. On the other hand, paid images have more commercial applications, but they are less inspiring and interesting.Some of the most common sources of website images include,,, &, and Rawpixel. is a free image source for ambient image header, inspirational, and background images. provides free and paid unique and high quality images that can be used different purposes. is a paid image resource that provides images for commercial applications in business websites, advertisements, and brochures. & is like, but the former is cheaper. Rawpixel is free and provides professional images for business websites and for advertisements.In conclusion, the quality of images used in a business website determines its professional look and overall impact. To design a professional website, one requires to, use unique images, use real and candid photos, use photos with faces, avoid fuzzy images, and use images that have a meaning. The images cannot be obtained from one single source. Some of the sources that can be useful include (my favourite),,,, &, and One site amps up by providing this nifty little feature where, without any reference or hard tasking code, you can call up a random image by using a URL with sizes embedded, eg. Go ahead. Try it. 0 000


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