Human he hadn’t met with Wozniak -one of the

Human behavior is
a really popular topic which is being investigated for long years. Why some people
are more aggressive than the others? Have you ever wondered why your siblings
are totally opposite of you or why is it hard to understand the reason why your
friends mad at you sometimes? The psychologists are researching the answers of
these questions and it is accepted that there are five personality traits known
as the big five. It is argued if these traits are the part of human nature or
not. What people experience is the main factor to character formation because
of the state of flux, milestone moments and power of determination.

The main reason why
people’s characters are taking shape from what they live is because ever
changing life presents people opportunities for non-stop character development.
First and foremost, circumstances and possibilities effect our character. Even if
you want something so badly, if you do not have opportunity to do it, than your
possibility to do it is rapidly decreases or sometimes circumstances can make
you surprised and before understanding what is going on, you can find yourself
in better position in life. For example, as we all know, Steve Jobs is a
prominent entrepreneur and inventor who started a company named Apple with
Stephen Wozniak. If Jobs’ biological parents hadn’t put him up for adaption, he
would not grow up in a neighborhood of engineers working on electronics and
other gizmos in their garages on weekends and if he hadn’t met with Wozniak -one
of the most important person in his life- at 13, maybe there will not be any
phone named IPhone. Additionally, opinions and life goals are also significant
points for character development which are changing almost from birth to death.
Life goals are roots of human behavior because they  project people’s desires, their dreams and
what kind of life they want to lead (Pervin, 1989). As it is seen, a person’s life
goal triggers to determine the direction of person’s action. People’s life goals
lead them to find environments which can correlate with their personality
traits. By the help of these environments, they are reinforced more and as a
result of the goals chosen their characters change. To sum up, changing
opportunities and life goals effect person’s behavior.

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Milestone moments
are another vital causes of a change in a person’s character. To start with,
positive milestone moments are the one of the effects of changing in person’s
behavior. Sometimes some good things happen immediately which are can change a
person’s life forever such as having a baby or getting accepted into a school.
Having a baby not just means that there is an extra person in your life, it is
more than it is and it causes so many changes in a person’s life and character.
Two of the parents become more mature because of the responsibilities. Getting
accepted into a school has also huge effect on personality since it determines
the people you are going to meet soon. If you are going to study abroad,
effects of this situation can not be ignored too. On the other hand, negative
milestone moments are also effective in our lives like the positive ones.
According to Mikulincer and Shaver (2007), people having hard time in their
history seem to take two fundamentally different forms; hyperactivated
attachment system which involves desire to get attention and care from another
and deactivated attachment system characterized by maintaining strong reliance
on the self and avoiding closeness. It can be inferred that negative events have
effects on personality and it can cause vulnerability and self-defense on
person which means that a person who has difficult times with his/her life can
be more attention addicted or more self-assertive. In short, positive and
negative milestones effect people’s personality in a good or bad way.

Nevertheless, some
people argued that personality traits come from human nature since people have
limited capacity and no matter how much they want something, they can not
overcome their limits. For example, there is a theory of capacity for processing
information by George A. Miller. Miller (1956) mentioned that people have
limited capacity of learning or recognizing and ‘channel capacity’ is the upper
limit which the person can absorb or understand. According this research, they
claim that human brain has a capacity of learning and people can not give
information more when they are on their limits. It may be true that our brains
can not learn everything at once but with determination even these limits can
be overcome. People’s physical limits can be overcome with determination. Once
you want and try to do your best, you can make a difference as there are so
many examples like Stephen Hawking. He has also many psychical limits but he is
the one of the most important person in our world now. To conclude, limits can
not stop the person to achieve his/her goals and to change personality.

In conclusion,
people were not born with their personality traits, what they live effects their
personality in terms of state of flux, milestone moments and power of
determination. In my opinion, people can be everything they want to be, so they
should try.