How live and enjoy her life without violence. It

How can domestic violence be solved?

Domestic violence has been a significant public
health problem. The CDC National Intimate
Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) states that, one in four women and
one in nine men in the United States have experienced contact sexual violence,
physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner, and reported that the
violence in that relationship impacted them in some way (e.g., made them feel
fearful or concerned for their safety, resulted in an injury or need for
services, or they lost days from work or school). Domestic violence is more than just an issue, it is an unpardonable

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There is no particular way to solve domestic violence but there should be both short and
long-term strategies. Short-term strategies should include assistance programs
that defend the woman who has witnessed abuse or is currently being abused. This
strategy is used to intervene during the critical period faced by the victim after
he/she leaves the home. The victim is provided with food, shelter and counselling.
Long term strategies should be directed at educating the public and empowering
the victim to live and enjoy her life without violence. It also includes designing
programs that creates awareness against domestic violence in the community
where victims can
be taught coping/survival skills that would help and not compound the problem.

Asides looking out for signs that might hint you
about a victim’s condition, the best and permanent way to end or solve the
issue of abuse is for everyone and any one to no longer hurt those they claim
to love.

Ordinarily, inflicting pain on another person has
been seen to be exhibited by people with low self esteem. Those who for their
stature, position, wealth state of mind, belief etc have been said to see the
act of violence as a defence mechanism to cover up for their weakness. So if
partners choose to love one another and device other means to settle disputes
rather than beating each other up, the issue of domestic violence would be

It is also
important to maintain a healthy, respectful and romantic relationship as a
model for your children and others. Children should be taught how men should treat women and the
appropriate ways of expressing their emotions. Boys and men should be taught
that it is okay for men to show emotions and that the feeling of anger should
not be the only acceptable emotion.

Also, awareness on domestic violence via social media
platform and print media would help disseminate the issue of domestic violence
and how people can prevent it and seek help. This strategy can be used by
people in different industries such as movie industry, music industries,
fashion etc so people who look up to them can learn from them.

Religious organizations can incorporate the teaching
and preaching against domestic violence at their place of worship to educate
worshipers on the dangers of violence and refer victims for religious

Assisting women to be economically and otherwise independent,
redesigning a the way family courts preside over cases of domestic violence and
making penalties for domestic violence has shown that implementing the
following will go a long way in providing a lasting solution to the issue of
domestic violence

How to help
the victims

Anyone and everyone are in the position to help stop
domestic violence by taking steps that will help and not compound problems for
the victims. It is important to note that while trying to help the victim, you
should try not to complicate things or ask the victims to immediately leave the
house except the matter has become
life threatening. It is normal for the victim to be reluctant about leaving the
abuser because of what the society would say or because of her children or
family. It is best to educate the victim on the implication of her actions.

The first step to helping a victim is to know the warning signs of abuse. There is a need to identify signs that
shows or suggests someone is been abused. For example physical signs such as
wounds, marks, bruises, swellings, broken hands, legs or head or any type of
injuries that can be sustained from a physical fight; social withdrawal of
victims: victims might not want to socialize like before, always wanting to get
back home to avoid the wrath of the partner; psychological: victims might
become sad and moody and forgetful, careless, fall into deep thoughts, cry or
look unhappy. It is very relevant to know the kind of abuse it is so you will
be able to know the best method of intervention. It is extremely crucial to
always tell the victims to SPEAK UP.

If a victim of domestic violence reaches out to you,
listen to them, let him/her know that you believe her and do not judge her for
whatever choice she picks. Domestic violence victims often feel completely isolated
and are often belittled by their partner. It is important to establish trust
with him/her to make them feel safe when confiding in you because eventually, he/she
may be able to gather enough courage to tell you exactly what is happening and
to ask for help.

There are different organizations that help fight
against domestic violence; it will be wise to refer the victim to them or use
the crisis hotlines if you do not know any organization they provide counseling
and rehabilitative care for victims of domestic violence. Some of these
organizations provide shelters or other emergency residential facilities, medical services, provide adequate transportation networks, enactment of laws that allow either the victims of abuse or
the abusers to be taken away from the home.

Rendering little act of kindness to victims can go a
long way. For example, a victim whose child needs to go to school but the
mother cannot take the child to school because of her state of mind and health,
helping her would go a long way and she would appreciate it. Also, helping her
with groceries and cleaning too can be helpful. Doing all these increases the
chances of her finally opening up and seeking help. Also, provision of self-help through
support groups can help the victim build self-esteem and self confidence, sometimes,
organizing sessions that teach people how to deal with and manage issues of
domestic violence

In addition to ways of helping domestic violence victims, the
advocacy and legal assistance programs might include legal custody of children,
property distribution among the partners, Provision of financial support,
getting a restraining orders against the abuser and/or the children


If the matter goes beyond your control, or beyond what
you can intervene, call the police of contact organizations that help domestic
violence victims.


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