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How many people will start smoking weed when the Liberal party legalizes it on July 1st? The answer? Too many. According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Marijuana is already at fault for half of the drug related fatal car crashes in Canada, and no, you heard me right when I say half. Why that many, you may ask? Well, experts say people under the influence of pot are twice, yes you heard me right, twice as likely to crash. Recreational pot is not right. When pot gets legalized, instead of the small group of people who decided to try pot smoking in private, you have a much larger group of people smoking it in public, and that group of people will not have the slightest bit of guilt inside of them, because they are legally taking cannabis. Now, I know some you are thinking people should know that weed is bad. Well, a recent study published on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) recorded that 20% of the people in the study admit to trying marijuana at least once. Doesn’t seem to bad, right? Well, another 30% of the people in that study say they will try weed out after it’s legal. That’s 50% of those who will be trying marijuana. Not bad enough for you yet? Well, first, I’ll give you some facts: Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the substance that in marijuana that makes you high has gone up from 2% to 7-8% in a joint. Want to know what THC can do? Well, I’ll tell you a story. A man in Colorado was given a cookie with 6 portions of THC inside. He was instructed to divide the cookie into 6 pieces, but after eating 1 part, he couldn’t feel the effects, so he ate the whole cookie. What happened to him? He jumped off the roof of a building 4 stories high, and yes, he did die. There are also a lot of side effects to smoking a joint. Loss of short term memory, anxiety, slower reactions, higher risk of heart attack, paranoia and can result in birth defects, strokes, damage to the respiratory system and brain, and hallucinations, just to name a few. Another thing that people under the influence of weed will tend to do what they like, even if it involves doing a stunt that ordinary people have 0% chance of doing. If that’s not going to bump up the accidental injuries and deaths in Canada, I have no idea what will. What some people don’t realize is that if marijuana is legal, people are going to be smoking it in public instead of in their own homes because they don’t want to be caught. How does that affect anything? Well, second hand smoke is when people inhale the substances and can get the side effects even if they aren’t the ones smoking the joint. See the connection between smoking weed in public and second hand smoke? Sure, people say it’s going to stop the illegal dealing of the stuff, but have those people thought of how many people are going smoke it once it’s legal? Remember that CBC study? Well, what are the people who made money off of selling weed going to do? Well, they are going to turn to selling cocaine or opiates, and if they don’t want to do that, they might sell weed laced with other substances. Also, we know some teens don’t think clearly during this time of their life, and sometimes they make some bad decisions. The legalization of recreational marijuana might make some teens think that smoking weed and doing drugs is A-OK. This will cause them to get mixed up with drug dealers and other stuff. Remember that part where I mentioned weed laced with cocaine? Well, this might be what some of those teens might be buying without knowing it. By the way, cocaine is way more dangerous than weed, so put 2 and 2 together and figure out what happens when those teens smoke it.


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