How check it by uplifting the cover of the

How to maintain the life of Xerox Printer?

Xerox printer is a functional device that generates output
from the computer. This is what we all know. But the fact is the imperative
status that Xerox printers have got is an eye opener. It came into existence years’
back when the number of competitors was very few. It was the era when printers
were more of a vogue. And today, every office and every business is incomplete
without a printer. After all, in the course of business you need a hard copy
every other day to be utilized. Its easy accessibility, perfect color
resolution and reliable cost are the functions that one needs to perform.

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But it is not necessary that all that starts well ends well.
Every coin has other side too – The black side that few hesitate to look at.
Similarly, Xerox Printers have disadvantages too. Sometimes, they may hamper to
work or sometime the cartridge ink gets malfunctioned. It is the problem of
every user that the printer is cheaper but the maintenance is laborious.

Xerox Customer Support lays down various printer maintenance
hacks that you must consume to have a good life of your device.

Examining the toner

In the case of a laser printer, check the
toner cartridge at regular intervals. If the print gets disturbed, it is
important to check it then and there. You can check it by uplifting the cover
of the toner and lift it up from the printer. If you see black spots in the
cartridge on uplifting, then it is leaking. It’s the time when you need to
interchange it with a new one.


Cleaning the ink cartridge

In case of an inkjet or photo printer,
cleaning it must be your chief concern. The print on paper is possible through
the tiny jets that sprinkles ink on the sheet. For the effective functioning of
Xerox Printer, it is important to clean the container evenly. This may even
lengthen the life of your device.


Check for the rollers

Tray rollers enjoy a major role to play.
They acquire the paper and help the hard copy to evolve and reach the user. With
time, it becomes lubricious resulting in difficulty catching the paper.  Replace it with a new one to have a long term
life of your printer.


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