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How would you interact with people if there is no technology? Different ways of communication, such as texting and emailing, are used by people. Face-to-face communication continues to be the most effective way of communication. Face-to-face communication will help people in developing their emotional and communicational skills. It will also help them get a direct response from people. Unlike the other types of communication, face-to-face communication doesn’t affect the environment.
Face-to-face communication helps us in developing our emotional and communicational skills. Daniels said “They lose empathy. We’ve seen kids like this that don’t develop those sympathetic and empathetic skills they need.” (Chandra Johnson, 2014). According to Daniels, children develop their skills via face-to-face communication, but the other methods of communication-based on technology will impact their neural pathways. If people’s neural pathways don’t develop their emotional and sympathetic skills, they will not be able to communicate effectively. “Families text rather than have conversations.We’re living in a culture of sound bites and that is not developing our verbal skills or our emotional intelligence” Roberts said (Johnson, 2014). Since people use technology to communicate, they are losing their emotional and communicational skills.
Secondly, face-to-face communication can get a direct response from people. When we speak with people, we get a response immediately from their body language, facial expressions and verbal response. Based on these responses, we know where to direct the conversation to. Sometime, the verbal response and body language mean different things. If we are speaking with someone through the telephone, we don’t know if they really mean it. During criminal inspections, police inspectors judge the suspect through his body language. They can also get clues through and solve a criminal case more quickly through their body language. Therefore, face-to-face communication can help us understand how a speaker really feels better than other ways of communication.

    In addition, face-to-face communication affects the environment positively. The heavy usage of devices plays a major role in Global Warming. The telecom network is made up of cellphone connections that release harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The towers that provide wireless communication are powered by diesel generators. The coal-fired power plants and the diesel generators that power the towers are a source of toxic pollutants. Nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, black carbon, and hydrocarbons are the pollutants released into the atmosphere while generating the towers that are responsible for wireless communication. “These emissions are directly linked to air quality pollution and associated health impacts,” said Saroj Kumar Sahu, lead investigator at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research – Troposphere (Rabello, 2015). As more people buy wireless phones, new towers will be needed leading to an increase in harmful emissions. If you have a chance to make the world a better place by going to speak to people, would you? Global Warming is threatening humanity, so it is our duty to do something about it. It is a very simple step that we could take to protect the environment and enhance our emotional skills.

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                On the other hand, the use of technology to communicate became an important part in our daily life that it saved lives in some situations.Those communication methods are quickly sent and received but they lack the human touch. Even though it is quickly sent and received, it will affect the earth’s atmosphere.Communicating via technology keeps us connected, but it lacks sympathy, empathy, and emotional facial expressions.

                 In conclusion, face-to-face communication is very important. Compared to technological communication methods, face-to-face communication doesn’t play a role in pollution and helps people develop their emotional and communicational skills. If people don’t communicate, society will not evolve.


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