Home my life that my aim is to make

Home for me is the small, picturesque place where I learned that

” Don’t
be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams”

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 My parents hold the
opinion that every kid has a right to pursue their studies irrespective of
his/her gender. I have known in my heart since I was a little girl what I
wanted to be when I grew up. It was not a stereotypical child’s dream, my
vision was instead something that can shape my family and society in a better

From childhood, I evolved from a chatter box kid to a much
observant girl. I realized earlier in my life that my aim is to make my parents
proud along with making an impact on my surroundings.

I have always been a punctual and consistent performer
throughout my educational career. Academically, I have always tried to prove
myself through my good grades hence I knew that a degree at University would be
the definite next step for an ambitious career ahead. I have a broad interest
in many subject areas, yet feel drawn towards a law or business orientated degree.
With regards to Business, the reasoning behind my choice is the complex and
intriguing nature of the subject. I particularly enjoy the way business so
appropriately blends in with everyday issues. Since doing Computer science from
primary classes, my interest has grown and matured and I am able to view many
businesses analytically and make suggestions regarding possible improvements. So
in way CS is an area which has fascinated me since my childhood. I enjoy
extensive reading and recognize that this is essential in studying CS. I
consider myself to be well suited to a career in law as I pay much attention to
detail and take pleasure in undergoing work which raises social issues in society
and requires the skill to manipulate evidence and present persuasive arguments.

Besides studies, My hobby is book reading. I also take
part in extracurricular activities like debating and sports. I was one of the
best debaters in my school. I took part in many debate competitions. This has
allowed me to develop and strengthen my skills in communication. I can, as a
result, present logical and informed arguments in structured and coherent
manner – skills that will be integral to a CS degree.


With the hope and dream of getting admitted into an institution
like LUMS where the only M matters is Merit , I shall keep on working because,
I believe : “If you can dream it, you
can achieve it !


I'm Neil!

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