Holloway,P.(2015).Time courtroom staff are being used, and it means

Holloway,P.(2015).Time to question sanity of death penalty.CNN.
Retrieved by http://edition.cnn.com/2015/07/17/opinions/holloway-death- penalty-future/index.html

James Holmes has been convicted first-degree murder for killing 12 people in a movie theater in July 2012.  The jury rejected his insanity defense, the same jury still considering to give him execution or a life sentence. Should the government apply capital punishment to one of it citizen?.  Execution gives less of a punishment than life sentences,  life in prison  is  very hard. The mentality of people who are going to face execution and the mental of people who are going to face life sentences is different, people who are going to face execution  already know the time of their death. Some of them embrace it and celebrate rather than facing a life sentence, life sentence give people mentally pressured some of the prisoner who is facing life sentences described that worse than death. Making a decision for someone get capital punishment it is not easy, it takes time and tax money. In Colorado the Holmes jury has to spend more than one week to hear evidence, it cost the state around $3.5 million. Why $3.5 million? Because the length of the trial, more weeks of a courtroom, judges, prosecutors, public defenders, court reporters, jurors, bailiffs and other courtroom staff are being used, and it means to spending a lot of money from Taxpayers of Colorado that can be used for something more important. One of the problems of capital punishment is, are the people convicted of capital punishment  really guilty? Some of them are not. The most heartbreaking story from a lawyer said their client did not do a crime.
    The author of these findings are highly qualified to write about this topic because the author is a former police officer and prosecutor. He has a broad knowledge and experience about legal matters. He active in media analyst and active attorney, Halloway focused his writing on criminal law. He an graduated summa cum laude from South Texas College in law in 1996, he served as officer and judge in U.S Navy. Holloway served as president of the Cobb County Bar Associaton’s criminal law section, and he has been an adjunct professor of criminal justice at Knees State University.
    This article is suitable for my essay because it gives information on capital punishment. It provides proof and data of disadvantage of capital punishment, i will use it for evidence that capital punishment is expensive, which might be helpful for my essay writing and it will give a good argument for my essay.
Heyns, C. (2015). Time to kill the federal death punishment. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved by https://www.wsj.com/articles/time-to-kill-the-federal-death- penalty-1446682783
Capital Punishment, once a big issue in United States presidential campaign, has rarely been mentioned recently. From  this statement, United States already proved that moving away from the death penalty. Executions are already less frequent there is 35 executions in 2014, compared with 1999 there are 98 executions but the United States is still one of the most prolific counties that used capital punishment,  along with Iran, China, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Executions have resulted in cruel ways , in April 2014 the botched injection took more than 40 minutes to kill Oklahoma inmate Clayton ,Derrell Lockett, and prompted Glossip v. Gross. Applying an official federal moratorium on the death penalty would be a powerful message about the meaning of life and the inhumane nature of capital punishment.
  The article is trustworthy because the author is very experienced in this matter, he is a Director of the Institute for International and Comparative Law in Africa at the University of Pretori, Professor of Human Rights Law and a member of the United Nations Human Rights Committee. This article maintains good points and weak point as well, the weak point is the author does not cite references where the data has come from, the good point the author explained capital punishment is already fading.
This article helps me to improve my knowledge about capital punishment and it is very useful for my essay, the data from the article can be used for evidence that death penalty has an unfair way to end people’s life and can give me proof for my essay that death penalty rarely being used anymore.

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Sarat,A.(2017). How can we execute people if 1 in 25 on death row are innocent. The Guardian. Retrieved by https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/apr/ 21/ how-can-we-execute-people-if-1-in-25-death-row-are-i innocent
A man called Ledell Lee from Arkansas was executed on Friday night after a long, complex and confusing legal battle, Lee always insisted that he was not guilty, after the execution Arkansas’s Attorney general, Leslie Rutledge said “I pray this lawful execution helps bring closure for the Reese family.”, Lee’s case is a tragedy for Arkansas because there is a lot of controversy inside the case. He was executed for a crime that he did more than 20 years ago for murdering Debra Rees, the state rush to executed Lee before the midazolam (injection) expired. Many people  in Arkansas concerned miscarriage of justice from Lee’s case. In 2014, National Academy of Sciences reported that 1 in every 25 people given a capital punishment are in fact innocent for the crime they got sentenced since 1976 there are 150 people have been exonerated. 
  This article is relevant to my essay ,it is a trustworthy article and this article give a lot of data and evidence, the author  mention a strong point about miscarriage of justice, the author is an associate dean of the faculty and William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science at Amherst College. from his point of view, he thinks that Capital punishment is no longer a good solution for justice.
finally, I still chose this article because it will give an information/proof for my innocent topic, death penalty should be banned and this article could give me an innocent got executed argument and give me a strong argument about miscarriage of justice for my essay.

(2016). The death penalty, nearing its end. The New York Times. 
Retrieved from https://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/24/opinion/the-death- penalty-nearing-its-end.html

Supreme court still considered death penalty as constitutional, however many people in the United States disagree with death penalty. Nearly half of century, for the first time almost half of American disagree with death penalty, according from Pew Research poll released last month. in 2015, is a marked of low death penalty history in United States, 49 new capital punishment conviction were handed down the lowest number since 1976 the supreme court restore capital punishment. Capital punishment is collapsing, for example in Florida, Florida supreme court abolished a law that ununanimous juries to make a death sentence decision, this new decision by Florida supreme court  is helping innocent and mental disabilities people get death punishment. 
The New York  Times is a good source for looking news or article. One of the bad thing in this article is the New York Times is little bit bias for this topic, because they always post an article against death penalty, but this article give evidence that Death penalty is fading in the United States by using poll research. This article can give me advantage for my counter argument  and i can use it for introduction in my essay.
Harkup,K.(2017). Untried and unethical: why Nevada’s new lethal injection crosses a line.The Guardian. Retrieved from https://www.theguardian.com/science/blog/ 2017/nov/14/ untried-and-unethical-why-nevada-new-lethal- injection-crosses-a-line
Scott Raymond Dozier supposed to face death penalty in las vegas but the execution got postponed because the lethal injection is untested. This controversial postponed case is made people concern about death penalty in the United States, a lot of people think that this punishment is not ethical. In the dozier’s case they use  new three strong combined drugs, the mixture of offentanyl (a powerful pain-relieving opioid) , diazepam (a sedative), an dcisatracurium (a muscle relaxant), this drugs make people concern because these deathly combination is untested. a lot of states in US agrees with this three combination, they use it for sedate the prisoner , make them paralyse and stop their heart, but the drug manufacture continue to prevent this drug sell, this led some extreme move from Arkansas, they executed four person in a week because they finish the drugs before they get expired. 
The newspaper did a great job being unbiased and the author has a strong point and evidence. They provided information about death penalty bad case in United States, the good thing about this article is referenced and relevant. I would like to use this point for prove that death penalty is cruel and it will be good data for my counter argument, this will be important to my view on death penalty should be abolish.


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