Hi what was in there.I checked out the Pirate

Hi my name is Max and I love going to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria.Tomorrow my friend Jacob is having his Birthday Party there.Im so excited to eat Pizza and see those cool Animatronics! I woke up and went to the kitchen to eat cereal.I heard my dad on the phone talking about working for a Pizzeria and being a Night Guard.I thought about it and I remembered that when I went there for my other friends Birthday Party that they were looking for a Night guard to work there but none showed up.My dad was looking for a job and he never had a job before.He always stayed home drinking alcohol or smoking on the couch.My dad’s name by the way is Mike and he doesn’t really  care about me but I know he still loves me.My mom left me when I was little.My dad and my mom fought a lot and I always heard them from out my room.My dad finished his call and I asked him if he was gonna work at the Pizzeria as a Night Guard and he said yes.I hugged him and I saw him smile.He told me that his promotion was today so he would drive me with him to check out the place.My dad drove us to the Pizzeria and we went in.A guy called out “Mike Schmidt?!,Hey Mike!,Welcome!”,the Manager told us to follow him and we went into the kitchen to show him that he can get food and drinks here.Then we went into the Employees only room,but the Manager told me to go check out the Animatronics.I thought he just didn’t want me to see what was in there.I checked out the Pirate Cove and the Stage.I knew the names of all the Animatronics which was Freddy,Bonnie,Chica,and Foxy,They looked friendly and cool.I had to go to the Bathroom,so I went in there and I took a dump.I heard something that came from the last stall,so I went in there and it said on the wall “HELP ME”,I got creeped out and went back to where my dad and the Manager were.The Manager thanked my dad for working here and said goodbye.Me and my dad drove back home and I went to sleep.My dad tucked me in and said that he had to work at the Pizzeria.I kissed him goodbye,and watched him leave out the window.I hugged my Freddy Fazbear plush and fell asleep.