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higuys welcome back to my channel today we’re gonna be doing a really fun video I’mgonna be talking about seven things that stylish women should never wear now Iknow you guys are probably expecting me to say things like the fanny pack spandexsocks with shoes but honestly I’m not gonna mention those fashion trends seemto kind of come and go so it’s really hard for me to say what to never wear butnonetheless I know you guys really like these videos I personally love watchingthese kind of videos so I have come up with seven things that stylish womenshould never wear but take this with a grain of salt this is all in good funyou really don’t have to listen to me it’s just a fun video to watch and thereare some pointers probably but before we get into the very first one if youhappen to be new then I am Shay hello I would love for you to considersubscribing down below if you want to see more videos like this we are almostapproaching 200k which is crazy to me I haven’t even done my 100k giveawayvideo yet I definitely need to do that but we’re getting up there to 200 whichI would have never ever imagined so thank you guys so so so much and maybewe’ll reach the next milestone soon okay so we’re gonna get into the very firstthing that stylish women should never wear and what it is is sweatpants withwords on the butt such as I’m honestly not even sure where I should go withthis I just don’t think it’s very nice I don’t know I guess I feel likesweatpants aren’t really that flattering to begin with but then when you add adescriptive word to the buttocks area it just makes it like 10 times worsemaybe your butt really is juicy but I don’t really need to read that or imagineit so let’s just all stop pulling attention to our butts I’m sure you guys havea really nice face so let’s try to look at that instead and that actually leadsme to my next point number two is wearing anything too revealing I definitelythink I’ve mentioned this before on my channel and this is totally a personalpreference there’s so many women out there that would definitely disagree withme on this but I personally believe that less is more when it comes to dressingyour body parts I personally barely even have a chest so if I was trying tohave cleavage I we wouldn’t get very far but there are people out there thatintentionally try to have cleavage and they go really really far with it likethey will specifically pull their shirts down they’ll wear a bra that reallylifts them up and pushes them out so that’s all people see when they first lookat them and I guess I just feel like sometimes that’s too much again this is atotal personal preference but I personally think that kind of showing off yourneckline can actually be more of a subtle way and also kind of sexy way to getnoticed or you could get yourself noticed with your wrist and by that I mean acool watch I’m totally kidding this video is definitely not sponsored but it isaround Christmas time and I know you guys have probably been seeing the Vince arrowwatch ads that are kind of running on a lot of the YouTube videos this seasonso I did just want to tell you guys I do have an ongoing discount code withthem they’ve been highly praised in my gift guide videos for both women and menbut I especially love the women’s watches probably because I am a female thisone is my favorite it is this grey band with this beautiful white faced rosegold watch I just love it so much I also have this rose gold one it’s all metaland oh my gosh it’s just it’s seriously just so so stunning so I guess I justwanted to mention it real quick if you’re still looking for a gift or maybeyou’re looking for a gift for yourself you can use the code shade to save 15%on your order I just really really love these watches and again this video istotally 100% not sponsored i know christmas is almost here maybe it’s afterChristmas when you’re watching this video you can still get the watches I justwanted to mention it so let’s get back to cleavage so cleavage actually seguesperfectly into my number three point which is wearing bras that don’t fit sostylish women just shouldn’t wear bras that don’t fit and I’m sure a lot of youhave heard the staggering percentage out there of women or girls walking aroundthat are wearing a bra that doesn’t fit them correctly I think it’s like 80 or90 percent it’s really crazy and honestly I used to never even think about thisuntil I finally found a bra that really fit me perfectly and now I feel likeit’s changed my life and I can’t go back so I do have a favorite one it is fromNordstrom it has amazing reviews I got it at the norm anniversary sale yearsback every they actually put it on sale it’s not on sale right now I don’tthink but it’s just people love it so I will link it down below a lot of peoplereally like going into Victoria’s Secret and they will actually measure you onthe spot and really try to find the perfect size bra for you so that’sdefinitely a really great option and I have done that before and I’ve liked it buthonestly I just love this Nordstrom bra even more than that but regardless mypoint is don’t wear bras that don’t fit go through your drawers and throw outall of those bras that you’ve had for like ten years because I know I know youguys have ones that are that old because I do too and just throw them out let’sjust all start fresh with good fitting bras all righty so we’re moving on tonumber four and we’re now getting into actual tangible things that stylishwomen shouldn’t wear aka things that will make people mad at me so let’s justget to it I’m just gonna say it’s Crocs I know I know people I know so manypeople love these things or like holy rubbery smelly unusual shoes that peoplewear and I know they can be totally great for like going outside doing yardwork going for walks maybe playing outside with your kids I think they’reactually amazing shoes for kids but I know that adults really love wearing themI don’t personally have any but I do see that in some cases they’d be great butwhen I think it’s weird is when I see people like out shopping wearing Crocsthat’s just when I slightly I don’t know the word is cringe okay I know that’smean that’s definitely mean but you get what I’m trying to say so let just moveon to the next point number five it’s still in the shoe realm so another thingthat women shouldn’t wear are those furry moon boots as I like to call them andwhat’s funny is before I started filming this video I googled furry moon bootsand they actually popped up I don’t really think they’re called that but it’sironic and funny to me that that’s actually what came up so basically to methey look like dead cats wrapped around your feet and they look like anastronaut should be wearing them maybe they’re totally stylish like in outerspace but on earth I don’t really think they are okay that was like a totally abad joke oh my gosh I’m like my dad let’s just move on from shoes and pleasedon’t hate me the number six thing that women should never wear is actually notclothes or it is in fact blue eye shadow now I totally realize that vibranteyeshadow palettes are all the rage right now and wearing vibrant makeup is isreally in style but when it comes to blue it’s really hard to do so I don’tknow if you guys remember I’m sure if you’re kind of younger or maybe you’renot in the United States you won’t know this reference but there used to be ashow on when I was way younger and it was called drew Carey and it’s actuallythe frontman of the prices right now but he used to be on a show called drewCarey and one of the main characters was Mimi and this is what her makeuplooked like and that my friends is why blue eyeshadow has scarred me for life soI guess my final thoughts on the blue eyeshadow thing is you can definitely wearit but just go very light with it when I see women walking around with likeblue plastered all over their faces all I see is who knew I just see Mimi so justgo light with it and I think hopefully you’ll be okay already so we are ontothe last one number seven and honestly I think I have definitely saved the bestfor last and I honestly think you guys will all agree with me on this one butthe seventh thing that stylish women should never wear is anything that otherstell you to wear that’s right it doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks ifyou love something you wear it I know my channel and my videos are very focusedaround like fashion tricks and tips and style recommendations and mistakes butin the end it doesn’t matter what I say or what others say if you likesomething you should just wear it you rock it with confidence with that beingsaid though I’m obviously still going to be making fashion and style videosit’s what I love to do I get a lot of positive feedback from it I’m always veryvery honest with you guys and I always try to pass along some tips andrecommendations and I know you guys really like it so I’m gonna keep doing itso if you liked this video you want to see more be sure to subscribe down belowmake sure you give this video a big thumbs up and if you want to share it youcould do that I’ve never asked anybody to share one of my videos but I kind oflike this video so I thought I’d try it but thank you guys so much for watchingthis video I really hope you enjoyed it I will see you very very soon in mynext video bye Music your eyes