HESC is killed. However, others believe that life begins

HESC usage is extremely beneficial,
however, there has been debate over this topic for many years. One major reason
this research can be debated as unethical is due to political, religious, and moral
beliefs and the destruction of the embryo. Many people believe that life begins
when the egg and sperm come together, whether it be in vitro fertilization or
within a woman’s womb. When hESC are being extracted, the embryo gets destroyed—therefore
leading some individuals to think that a child is killed. However, others
believe that life begins after a different period of time, and when the initial
conception occurs, the cells are not accounted as life. With this line of
thought, many people do still believe that though they are a clump of cells,
there should still be rules and regulations to follow in order to test on these
embryos. Those in favor of this research believe that using hESC provide
greater respect for human’s due to their healing abilities. However, there are
people are both pro-life and supporters of stem cell research. An example of
this is Nancy Reagan and Senator Orrin Hatch. Hatch claims, “the support of embryonic stem cell research
is consistent with pro-life, pro-family values. I believe that human life
begins in the womb, not a Petri dish or refrigerator…To me, the morality of the
situation dictates that these embryos, which are routinely discarded, be used
to improve and save lives. The tragedy would be in not using these embryos to
save lives when the alternative is that they would be discarded” (Lo, Bernard 271).

Individuals like this Senator demonstrate that supporters come from all
different beliefs and backgrounds and exhibit the complexity of this topic. 

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