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Hello everyone! My name is Danish and today I am going to talk about the ‘school systems’ and their inefficiency in preparing students with life skills, especially when they graduate from high school and move to universities.


‘School systems’ strive hard to provide a sound education for all students. They are given a right to learn for a better tomorrow. However, are all the things being taught, in the school really creating a better future generation? Schools do their best to get the highest performance from their students, often pushing them too hard to achieve A’s and A*. But in reality, knowledge is not just about making students get straight A grades “on paper”, as intelligence cannot be simply defined on grades students make. School systems are caught up in the testing score system as this adds value to the school. However, in all this fiasco they forget to prepare the students for their lives in future. School curriculums often fails because they do not teach students the vital life skills and thus fall short in providing a betterment for the students. Having vast amounts of knowledge from books means nothing at all if one has no common sense of life skills. Students have been told by educators that they can achieve success by making good grades. Though in reality, once they leave school and go to college, these students are often completely lost.

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First of all, test scores are simply just a number but they do not define a student’s overall success. Many students excel in a classroom but fail in life skills. In fact, studies have been conducted to show that students school work and criteria are geared only towards achieving better academic scores in order to make a name for the school. The curriculum is moving away from teaching actual life skills to students. Furthermore, this hinders the students especially when they enter college, as they are not prepared for the real world, with the knowledge they acquired in high school. Also, what they learnt does not help them when they face issues in life. According to psychologist Parker Pope, “The ever-growing emphasis on academic performance and test scores means that many students are not developing life skills like self-control, motivation, focus and resilience, which are far better predictors of long term success than high grades”. She came up with this analysis after her research in 2011. Furthermore, her research backs up with the hypothesis that high school curriculum is not helping students become successful adults.














Moreover, school curriculums today are getting so advanced and challenging that it does more than expand a student’s knowledge. The tougher the courses, the more pressure is added to the students, and this in turn adds a great deal of stress on the students to keep up with their studies. This statement has been proved when studies were done by the American Psychology Association in order to determine the level of stress in teens. They found that 30 percent of teens felt sad or depressed from stress from their school work. 31 percent felt completely overwhelmed and about 21 percent of teens have been skipping their meals due to the level of

stress caused by schools, on academics. On an average, students have reported stress level of 5.8 on a 10-point retro scale than adults who have reported at 5.1. This is alarming as teens experience more stress than adults due to school pressure.


Research has shown that there is high level of stress among students compared to adults. The students encounter tremendous pressure from the school work and test score that they have to constantly keep up with. Keeping these facts in mind, it is necessary for schools to adjust and have a new and positive curriculum in place which would greatly help students and enable them to be more successful in life. In addition, schools must change the learning content and focus on the student’s success rather than concentrating on scores. In fact, students must be taught things like how to balance a checking account or maybe, even change a flat tire in an emergency. These life skills would definitely help students better for life in general in the future.


 In the same way, if class loads are lowered, students will have time to breathe and relax as this is vital for the student’s well-being. Furthermore, it is observed that students cram up the knowledge just in order to do well in the tests. George Skew wrote an article in January 2015, on what makes a good school quality curriculum. According to him this type of a curriculum is student friendly and enables them to explore skills that would be helpful in various situations in life. Likewise, he stressed that schools need to provide more life skills so that students in future will be more successful to cope with real life situations.



In conclusion, school systems and we as citizens, need to wake up and realize that test scores in high schools are not as important in the big scheme of things. Many bright students are unprepared for adulthood. Knowing basic life skills can enhance a person’s success rate in all their future endeavors. Schools systems in general are failing their students by putting emphasis on course loads and testing. They should see that they are harming the generation. So, as educators they are supposed to build the students up in order to bring a better and brighter tomorrow. This however, looks like a far-fetched dream if proper action is not taken.




 It is time to build an all-round curriculum soon. It’s a time for us to make a change. It’s a time for students to know how to survive like adults. It’s time for our future generation to learn how to live and become successful adults. It’s time to build a brighter and better future and all round knowledge for tomorrow.


Thank you.


I'm Neil!

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