Health state (Califano, 2014). Drug can reduce teenager’s inhibition

complications can be the most dangerous effect that can harm the person who get
abuse with drugs by experiencing schizophrenia. According to National
Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information, the most widely used
illegitimate drug that popular among teenagers is known as Marijuana. This
common drugs can decrease the ability to perform tasks that requiring
concentration and coordination. Besides, it can also cause the teenagers to
have difficulty keeping track on time or reduce short term memory. Therefore it
can increase high possibility for the drug user to perform badly on their exam
and others academic’s activities (Lessa, Gilbert, 2009) .The worst effect of
this drug can increase high possibility for teenagers to facing brain disease called
as schizophrenia (Friedman, 2000). National Mental Health Association found
that most of the victims that suffering from schizophrenia are even rise among
teenagers that probably being as drug abuser (Johnson, Gur, 2006). A person who
facing schizophrenia are reported to have disturbance in reality relationship
and concept formation with affective, behavioral and intellectual distraction
(Shean, 2004). Other than that, drug also may cause chronic disease such as
heart failure because when the drug user in depression mood, their blood
pressure will increase and it may turn into health threat (Barry, 2017).
Ecstacy can be one of the example of common drug that can increase the tendency
for drug addict to face heart failure as this drug can also enhance body
temperature and lead them to get other dangerous disease such as kidney
failure, muscle breakdown and lethal cardiovascular effect (Benavie,

drug abuse can lead teenagers to involve in unprotected sexual activities
(Trebach , 2005). Most teens admit that drugs is the concrete reason for them
to experience their first unplanned sexual activities because they was in
half-conscious state (Califano, 2014). Drug can reduce teenager’s inhibition
which can make girl’s victim become unconscious while for boys, they will
become more sexually aggressive (Solter, 2009). As a result, this will cause
unintended pregnancy which can lead them to get sexually transmitted disease
and increase the risk of getting HIV or AIDS infection (Solter, 2009). The risk
of getting AIDS are greater toward girl teenager as their reproductive system
are still in a process of growing (Lyon, D’Angelo, 2006).

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drug also can be the factor of the increasing number of teenager’s involvement
in crime. Drug also can create big problem in finances for the drug addicts
(Foster, 2017). The report shows that most teenagers will do anything to
fulfill their desire for drug although it is a crime such as stealing money and
harm other people (Foster, 2017). When teenagers do not have money to buy
drugs, they will start by borrow money from their friends but it probably will
put them in debt. Therefore, they start to steal and become braver to break the
laws (Foster, 2017). Hence, this kind of behavior may cause them to have
criminal record which can beyond their bad status and limiting their employment
and educational opportunities (Foster, 2017).

problem must have their own solution just like how a bread is made with a
flour. By all means, there are some solution that could be done to reduce the
involvement of drug abuse among teenagers. McMahon claimed that a good and
healthy kids can be shaped by how parent can fixed in order while inspiring
liberty, know when to back off, nurture self-standing and become a good role
model for their children (McMahon, 2003). In general, parents are the important
person who can counter all the positive image of drug to their teens (Overton,
2010). First thing to remember, parents should fortify warning about the danger
of drug abuse and improve their parenting skills such as spending a lot of time
with their teens and frequently ask about their activities (Rao, David,
Robertson, 2003).Normally, most of parents are wonder to start their conversation
with their children as they afraid to be claimed as trammel parents but it is
not a good way to described good parenting skills (Bowers, Lynam, 2014).
Prompting can be one of the effective way to encourage your child in developing
self-control (Levine, 2005). This technique can help your child to internalize
rules and standard behavior (Levine, 2005). Besides, parents also must advise
the teens to be aware of any models in the media, internet and particular
television that may related to drug activities (Connors, Galizio, Maisto, 2014).
Parents act as a kind of filter that may guide their teens to elucidate and
even reject some of the message they get from mass media (Weill, 2006).

is one of the substantial factor to deliberate when discussing about drug
abuse. Social influences are important predictor of drug abuse among teenagers
(Copes, Forsyth, 2014). The study has reported that most of drug addict start
to take drugs between the age of 12 to 17 during one’s middle school years
(Copes, Forsyth, 2014). For this reasons, drug use differ depending element
such as culture, history, family life, and personal characteristics of the user
(Copes, Forsyth, 2014). Age can affect many things such as duration of action,
drug’s metabolism rate, potency and elimination rate (Copes, Forsyth, 2014).
Drugs can be quickly metabolized by younger drug user (Copes, Forsyth, 2014).
Califano states that most teens usually take drug because they are searching
for pleasurable experience such as they want to feel something new and stirring
or think it is a cool activities to escape from anxiety, depression and boredom
(Meyers, 2014). In addition, teens also use drug as indicator to seek sensation
especially for girls (Califano, 2014). Curiosity is also the reason of teens
take drugs as teens will wonder what kind of feeling they will get after taking
drugs (Smith, 2003). Sometimes, teens are are also curious of why their friends
or other people still take drugs even drugs can cause death (Graves, 2000).


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