….. he lived a bright life. Stepping into a

….. The last evening’s soft light was shining at Captain Tony Samuel’s Badge. The 250 meter tall commercial freighter of 80 thousand metric tons of capacity was standing on the bridge of MV Columbus, giving him a small sip of coffee beef. The fatness of the strong Norwegian man stays fatigue, and retires after several weeks. That’s Samuelsen’s last voice as Captain. As a sailor, he lived a bright life. Stepping into a deck cadet, stepped in step by step captain. Thirty years of great life have been cut off in the sea. It is understood to be seen by people who are tempered.The sea has a kind of addiction. Being attracted to this addiction in youth, he took the job in the ship. Recently it seems very tired. Do not mind turning the port into the port. Remembering the families left in the small town of Grimstad, south of Norway. Wife Lindi, the only girl Lina and the only learner to walk with is Emily – the love of her last life.I could not give anything to you lindi …. The last time he went home, Samuelsen said.- Twenty-five-year-old married life, you missed me most. It’s nothing less to me. Lindi said laughingThe evening has come down. First Met came to understand his responsibilities.Hello Robin, what is the situation on the starboard? Samuelsen said First Mate to SmileHello Sir! Everything is well-organized. Some Asian decks cadet guitar has already been added to the song. After all day they get so much energy from God that God knows- They’re young, Robin. Their blood is different. They were not as old as us. Let me go today once again.- I will come, sir?- No, no. I’ll just come back a little bit.Starboard from the main deck is about two hundred meters. It seems a lot lately. Captain going slowly. Suddenly a song of tunes pulled him down. Songs can not be understood, the voice of the singer is not good, but what a great desire to fall from the tune! Ah! What undesirable grief! The power to attract any great music!Deck Cadet Anis was singing Boy of Bangladesh The only reason for recruiting him is that the people of the country are like the ants. This is no exception. In the evening, the singer sang this song with some other cadets. Occasionally rum and mad madake. These are natural in the life of sailors. After the act, the juniors’ madness is seen in the eyes of the commercial ships. They do not tolerate the inhuman work that they do.Hello Cadet! What songs are you singing?Anis stood behind the captain himself after seeing the Captain.- Sir, sir. This is the only way. Do not sing, sir. He replied in no time.- No, good music.- Thank you Sir. Like you?Surat is wonderful, but I do not understand the words. Say a little, San?- Actually Sir, this is the sailor’s song. A Sailor calls the blue sea to release him. Do not mind to travel to the port at his port. I remember the house. In the house alone his wife is more than his way. Typical Sailor’s sir, sir.- Oh is it? Wow quite On the Kerry- Yes, sir. Thank you Sir.It’s evening Samuelsen is going back to Maine Deck with Port Side. I remember a song heard a long time ago. What is the name song? Jamaica Farewell! Or Kingston Town? Have been old Memory loves to play hideaway nowadays.- Age Tony, age. Age will bring us closer. Take a look. Did Lindi sayI remember the lyrics. Amazing match songs are both in between. Two people from distant countries have written two similar songs with the same passion. What a weird Everyone expresses love to express love …Captain Tony Samuelsen was singing songs by multiplying.