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He was born in the city of London, England, on 24th April 1620. His father name was Henry Graunt; he was a storekeeper in the Hampshire. He was the eldest son of seven of his siblings; he attended school until the age of sixteen. At this age, he became an apprentice to his father (Henry Graunt), who was employed as a draper. He learned French and Latin. Graunt married to Mary Scott, with her he had three daughters and one son.As he became financially stable, he worked in different positions in the company named “Freedom of Drapers.” Despite his lack of formal education, he becomes interested in the statistics of mortality. He published his first paper in 1662 “Natural and political observations on the London Gills of mortality.” He also made the first attempt of observation about the six ratios and he applied the theory.Graunt is considered as the father of modern Statistics. He founded the English School of “Political Arithmetic’s.” He also founded the science of demography, the statistical study of human populations. He also created the “life tables.” It was the new method to present the population. By the help of this table, he was able to predict the total number of the person whomay survive to each age. After the life table was made, it is considered the mother of the demographic science.John Graunt was the founder of Demography; his work is used in the field of public health. By the help of his work now a day the population is managed, and the public health is ensuring. His table helps in the registrations of birth, marriages and the causes of death. Now a day we see these certificates (birth certificate, marriages certificates, etc.) are the copy of his table with few modifications.On 18th April 1674, he died of jaundice a liver disease. On his funeral, many members of London government and many scientists were present including Sir William Petty.