Having and skilled unit developed my passion to become

Having a successful seven-year career in the Irish Defence
Forces, it may seem a little peculiar that I am now applying to study
engineering. I have always had an interest in how things work and since I was
young, science has been one of my favourite subjects. My interest in sciences,
particularly physics, has developed throughout the years, and I enjoy the
challenge of using scientific and mathematical ideas when solving everyday

The thought of becoming an engineer excites me as I long to
have a career that makes an impact. The idea of using engineering to improve
people’s lives is thrilling. When I was younger, my passion was to be part of
the Irish Defence forces, however, within the last seven years, my passion for
engineering was born from a love of working with the engineer corps through
deployment on united nations missions. Being able to work with a highly
specialised and skilled unit developed my passion to become an engineer.
Determined to achieve my goals I have gone in search of how to develop myself
and gain the skills I need to be able to apply for a level 8 degree in
engineering. I decided to apply to UCD to do their access to science
engineering and agriculture course as I wanted to gain more knowledge in
science and mathematics, and considering I have been out of education for a
long time, I wanted to equip myself as a mature student with the skills and
confidence required to take the next step to a Third Level course.

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I wish to study a level 8 degree in electronic engineering,
and I wish to move forward and complete a level 9 masters in computer
engineering at your University. I feel that have let myself down when I was
younger by being too immature and not focused enough to study and attain the
grades in my leaving certificate that is needed to gain entry into a level 8
degree. Being much more mature and focused on what I want now, my interest and
passion for Science Engineering and Mathematics is developing.

Returning to education has been an exhilarating experience.
Although a little apprehensive prior to the start of my course, I am thoroughly
enjoying my studies of science engineering and mathematics at University
College Dublin. Alongside my studies at University College Dublin, I am
currently studying an Open University short course entitled “Begin Robotics”
through Future Learn, developed by the University Of Reading. I have completed
a short course entitled “Electrical Engineering” developed by the University Of
Birmingham, and a short course entitled “Planetary Urbanisation” developed by
University College Dublin through open university online. I do not mind the
workload, in fact, I enjoy these short courses as I find that they help to
broaden my knowledge in different areas by covering different topics related to
engineering which I find very interesting. I am currently gaining work
experience with JV engineering which has given me a real insight into the
industry in which I have also developed skills in using AutoCAD and BIM. This
experience has given me a great opportunity to get to know the organisation
better, and it has given me the chance to both, work and be able to develop my
skills working with engineers in a team environment.

I have always been interested in electronics and being
analytical, I was never satisfied with just using an object. I needed to know
what was going on inside it. One of my interest and hobbies are my personal
projects which involve electronics and coding. I have built many projects using
small single board computers such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and also using
other open source hardware such as single-board micro-controllers and
micro-controller kits to build a variety of different digital and interactive
objects. My interests are in technology, and I enjoy designing and working on
projects and being faced with challenges related to them.

More recently, I have become increasingly intrigued by the
new wave of technology that is becoming more integrated into our daily lives. I
am particularly interested in nanotechnology and the semiconductor industry and
how it will shape our future. I very much look forward to studying them to
create a new generation of super-technology. My goal is to be at the forefront
of this technology, developing new solutions and making a real difference.

Almost any technology we take for granted today involves
engineering. Everything from mobile phones to space shuttles, engineering
certainly has an impact on our daily lives. Increasingly over the last few
years, I have become drawn to engineering and the wide range of possibilities
that studying in this field can offer. Modern technology always intrigues me
and I find it fascinating to see how they function, especially with the
intricate physics behind them. I believe that although it is important to
determine how things work, it is perhaps more valuable to understand why they
fail and use it to our advantage to construct better solutions. I aspire to
become an engineer because I believe that I can make a difference to our lives,
by creating solutions for the many problems that surround our world today.


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