Have colors.Most colors aren’t really made to make things

Have you seen an art piece and haven’t thought that there are properties and elements.Elements and properties are used in art.You can’t make an art piece without using one of these properties or elements.There many other properties or elements of art these are just some of my favorites.The first property is shape. Shapes such as a small square or a big circle are two dimensional shapes. Also is always enclosed by a line. Some shapes have to have height or width or else it would be the same as another shape.Also shapes defined by its interior; like a flower.A great example of a pictures with shapes is a painting called Allure by Jerald Ieans.Color is the next property of art.Believe it or not their are types of color.They are hue and value.Also black and white are neutral colors.Most colors aren’t really made to make things have a color.It was associated with emotions.The second example is made by Robert Delaunay and is called Eiffel Tower.Texture is the last property.Texture is how something feels or looks.Texture can be  smooth or rough.Also is applied to a rough or soft surface and, can be used together with a element called pattern.Most of texture is the way it looks very little is the way it feels.Another example painting is made by Vincent Van Gogh and is called Starry Night.Movement is the first of the elements.Movement is many lines that show action.Basically a amazing illusion that tricks your mind to think something is moving.lines and texture is really helpful in movement.lines have different types of lines to show strong movement. Then texture makes it pop out more to see if it is decreasing or growing in a direction.The next example is called Dynamism of a Soccer Player made by Umberto Boccioni.The last element of art is pattern. Patterns are lines in a sequence  over and over again.Patterns can be made out of lines or shapes to make a beautiful design.Some patterns have both shapes and lines.My last example is a painting called a composition of red and white made by Piet Mondrian. I learned that they are many properties and elements of art.I realized that i can see most of these properties and elements in art.Not all of these are all of the properties or elements of art.Now knowing and seeing all of these properties or elements of art;I like art a lot more now!


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