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Professor Moorhead

26 Jan 2018

Dark images lead
to twisted plots

Macbeth by William Shakespeare is about a man driven by ambition and the need for power, which ultimately leads
to him to commit a very deadly and sinister deed. Three wicked witches tell Macbeth a prophecy that he will one day
be king. The prophecy leads Macbeth and Lady
Macbeth to murder the current king. The many dark images and moods in the play lead the
readers to believe that the events of the play will be just as twisted and sinister.

The play begins with sounds of
thunder and lightning from which three witches
appear, which suggests that disturbing and
supernatural events will take place throughout the story. Furthermore, in the
next scene, a captain is speaking to King
Duncan about what occurred on the battlefield during the war. He then continues
to describe how heroic Macbeth acted when he killed the enemy by stating, “he
unseamed him the nave to the’ chops.” The
image of Macbeth ripping the enemy open from his belly to his neck is extremely
gruesome. When the three witches tell Macbeth and Banquo their prophecies, they
disclose that one day Macbeth will be king
and that Banquo will not be king, but his children will take over the throne. Immediately
Macbeth continues to think about the prophecy and the idea that he will be king;
however, the current King Duncan stands in
the way of Macbeth becoming king. Therefore
Macbeth begins to ponder the idea of murder, which is another sinister thought that
the reader knows will continue throughout the play. When it comes time to commit
the murder, Macbeth becomes hesitant, but
his wife Lady Macbeth encourages him and drives him to act. Lady Macbeth becomes
known to the reader as yet another dark and wicked character.

In plays,
certain images and moods can be so powerful that they cause the reader to have an overwhelming feeling. In the play,
Macbeth the images in the scenes are very gruesome and dark. The images tell
the reader about how the events in the story will play out. The sinister images
in Macbeth lead the readers to believe
that the motives of the characters and the plot will turn out to be just as


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