HADOOP reliable and automatically creates duplicate copies and stores


“Hadoop is an open-source software framework used for
storing data and running applications on clusters of commodity hardware.” It
provides various features such as:

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Massive storage for any kind of data

Enormous processing power

The ability to handle virtually limitless
concurrent tasks and jobs.

Hadoop has the ability of storing and processing the large
databases in much lesser time. It has a distributed computing model which
possess a great processing power. Hadoop also protects the data and application
processes against any kinds of hardware failures. It has software automation
which enables redirection of other available nodes in case of node failure. It
has flexible storage features as compared to usual databases, data need not be
processed prior to storing. The storage capacity can be expanded with ease by
adding the extra nodes this framework very much cost efficient.


Prior to invention of offline servers or
data warehouses, It was very difficult and expensive to maintain and manage
large datasets. Hadoop lets to store the data in its raw format for further
usage thereby improving the storage and processing power.



It helps in storing and processing almost any
type of data like multimedia, plain text files, binary files of images etc.



Provides common utilities to be used for
all modules.


Performs job scheduling and actually
processes data across the large data clusters.


Provides file management system in data warehouse.


Processes the data, an updated version of


Hadoop is used in varied industries like
Government agencies, Telecom companies, Manufacturing companies, retail
industry, Financial service sector and healthcare services as it provides cost
effective, large data warehouses, quality control and failure analysis,
efficient and scalable storage capacities.


Social media tycoons like Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, and others use Hadoop to store large number of images, videos and
text files. Messaging and video call services use NoSQL database provided by


Retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, PayTM,
Shopclues, Myntra and almost all e-commerce retailers use Hadoop to analyse the
customer related information and market patterns.


Several Famous companies use Hadoop in following


Caesars Entertainment – ‘Identifying the
customer segments and creating appropriate marketing strategic segments’

AOL – ‘Generating and analysing Statistics and
behavioural analysis’.

EBay- ‘Research and Search Engine Optimization’

Tinder – ‘Analysing the behaviours and
personalized choices of different people.’


Duplication process is reliable and
automatically creates duplicate copies and stores them in different database to
ensure data security in case of accidental data loses.


It also helps in converting the unstructured and
semi-structured data into a streamlined and structured formats like
‘transforming a binary image into RDBMS format or ETL processing of system


Hadoop achieves complete data integration by
improving the high quality machine learning and prediction analysis, in the
form of artificial intelligence to process, aggregate and summarize, continuous
innovation for automation and improvement to capture, store and scale the large
amounts of data.



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