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Grow ImaginationJodie provides a welcoming and stimulating environment for her students, which fosters creative curiosity. Her students feel safe to develop and use their own imagination, which is an essential skill needed to develop creativity, which can be used in many aspects of a child’s life. Albert Einstein said, “imagination is more important than knowledge” and this sentiment is shared by Jodie, who believes that drama education should provide not only knowledge and skills to perform, but also provide a space where children can co-create, using their own creativity.Develop EmpathyDrama classes provides students with opportunities to experience ideas, stories, emotions and situations beyond their own. This practice really helps children to develop empathy and the ability to understand another person’s feelings or circumstances. Actors need this skill to be able to portray people who are very different to themselves. Increased empathy is very helpful to students so they can relate to others and comprehend and appreciate other’s experiences. When this skill is transferred to everyday life, it can help to enhance healthy interpersonal relationships.Teach CooperationChildren like to move and to interact with others, and drama asks them to do just that! But in addition, they are also asked to interact in turns, and work together to find solutions to problems that arise. They will listen and respond, ask questions, and develop their communication, cooperation and negotiation skills. Drama also gives children opportunities to explore, discuss and deal with difficult issues and to express their emotions in a supportive environment. They can gain valuable life skills in how to work with others and understand differences.Make children happyJodie Eva Cook loves to create healthy and happy hearts and minds in her students! The confidence and communication skills her students develop will stay with them for life, and empower them to feel positive about speaking publicly and expressing themselves. This eases a great source of anxiety in children, as many fear school projects that require speaking to others. Creative and fun classes help children to feel like they can be themselves, and postures, breathing, exercise, play and creative movement are excellent ways to develop your child’s physical and emotional well-being.Build ConfidenceA recent report from the Institute of Education found that primary school children participating in drama experienced an increase in self-confidence, and Jodie Eva Cook knows how important this is in healthy child development. Studies have also reported an improvement in listening and speaking skills in drama students. Jodie’s safe and nurturing approach allows her students to gain more confidence by taking small steps and trying new things. Each child is different and has their own comfort level with performing and interacting with others, and the focus is not on being “the best actor”, but rather having fun, making new friends, building confidence and growing children’s social skills.


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