Greetings and go get something that could fill that

     Greetings Mr. Klansek, may I tell you something? It’s a fantastic way to make money faster in this school, we should get vending machines, they can make money,feed kids with no snacks,they could have healthy snacks!!! What do you say? Need evidence? Then let me speak!      First of all, vending machines could make a lot money.  If Kids want a snack the could just get a dollar and just get a snack. ¨From my experiences from schools with vending machines the have way more expensive stuff and have 2 floors and even a swimming pool!¨ . Also the school could get enough money to get a new special, like science labs or computer labs. ¨That was like my old school!¨ Lastly if the school even has EXTRA money and donate to charities! ¨Just like that can food drive from my experience that I donated some money.¨ I can tell you are impressed sir, well I have more exquisite facts why we could have these machinery!      Secondly the amazing machinery could help feed kids, some students might not have snacks, according to my experiences,¨When I go to a place with a vending machine and I’m starving, I could just grab a dollar and go get something that could fill me up a little.¨ This is a great addition because kids need food to think better than them starving, would you want that? To add on to that my good sir, some kids have no money and only could get a light lunch and could not fill them up, they could just get just get a dollar and go get something that could fill that last patch.¨That has happen to me before when I was at the YMCA summer camp.¨ Lastly teachers could get annoyed by out chanaginzes, plus they might need energy after teaching us, teachers could just get some iced tea or get some soda, it could help kids to, some kids might be thirsty or tired, they could just buy some iced tea! ¨A recent article suggests that the caffeine in tea may ease fatigue and improve focus in people with ADHD , that could really help people, just imagine you helping kids! Plus it’s very satisfying and enjoyable!      They could have healthy snacks, they could fill kids up if they are hungry, they could be delicious and healthy! It could help kids, according to this article it said,¨Kids who eat healthier do better in school.¨ This could help kids do better, feel better, and think better! Mr. Klansek don’t you want that too? Secondly sir, some kids are just hungry, if they want snacks, let them have snacks, kids need to eat if they are hungry, if they eat too much then you can stop them but just let them eat a little ¨I have been eating a lot of snacks to not get hungry- Jack¨. Lastly they need food so they can grow and eat healthier, it’s ok if there’s some sweets but too much junk could cause the following:¨obesity, chronic illness, low self-esteem and even depression, as well as affecting how they perform in school and extracurricular activities.¨ This is why these exquisite,healthy snacks could help kids in school.      Some people would say this, here’s the link that everyone that may say vending machines are bad:, people may say that they would have unhealthy snacks or kids won’t have a dollar on them, WELL I think for snacks that have the most sugar like gatorade or powerade something like that cost like a dollar, but for low sugar snacks i think it should be 5 BA bucks. PLUS vending machines could have healthy snacks, like nuts,fruit,juice, ect. This is why I think how people think about vending machines no nothing!     To finish this off, this is why I think vending machines can make more money,feed kids,and could have healthy snacks!!! For all the students that agree with me, I respect you and your agreement, what do you say Mr. Klansek? Shall we do this?


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