GOVERNMENT a country. These are few Fundamental rights: v


           Government is the ruling body which
works for the welfare of our settlement it looks after the rights provided for
every citizen such as education, employment, security, agriculture, industrial
developments and takes care of sanitation, food security, and medical
conditions of people.

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           Our settlement is ruled in a
democratic (i.e.) rule of people. Democracy fulfills all the needs of people.
Government maintains peace and harmony, secularism, provides all fundamental
rights like equality, liberty, fraternity, justice etc.

           To elect a representative, free and
fair elections are conducted for every five years.

      Government in our settlement is divided


               This makes laws which are by the
people, for the people, to the people. Parliament is the law making body
(Legislature) in which representatives makes laws for the welfare of people.


 It works to implement the laws which are made for
people in a regimented manner.


This works to
protect the laws made in legislature. This includes police stations, courts,
etc. Government includes:




Post office

Police stations

Solid waste,
sewage management

Water treatment

Courts etc.




and regulations play a major role in development of a country. Strict and
proper ruling can develop a country.

These are few Fundamental rights:

v Right to get
Nutritious Food

v Right to

v Right to

v Right to

v Right to
Follow any Religion

v Equality
before Law

v Protection
from Domestic violence

v Protection
from Violation of Fundamental rights

   All are equal before law.
Any person who violates the laws would be strictly punished. These laws are
made according to people and for welfare of the society and for the rapid
development of the settlement.







format of money used in a particular Nation is called currency. So, currency is
very important in business activities that are why we need to have a mode of
currency which would be tangible and intangible. Tangible currency will be used
for small payments and intangible currency will be used for big payments. For
security purpose QR codes will be used .Mode of currency will be digital and
notes made by water and corrosion resistant plastic. Digital transaction will
help in decrease in corruption.

(QR code)










              Education is the
primary step for development. Education is the mandatory right for every child.
Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. So, children should be educated with
best education system.


              In our settlement,
children start studying from the age of 7. Until the age of 7, Children are
made to learn basic education, moral values, Ethics, Discipline, Punctuality
etc. Home works are given to Children just to reinforce what the student learnt
that day. Tests are conducted to analyse the ability of the student. Strict
punishments are implemented on parents, Teachers who force children on Studies.

Experiments are explained to students
practically and       experimentally.
Children have right to follow their passion.

                        Not only
studies extracurricular activities are conducted for the all-round development
of the child.


Every person
gets tired when they work people in our settlement need entertainment to get
refreshed and lead a an energetic and enthusiastic life so to get relief from
stress people in our settlement go to Recreation places where they get
refreshed. Recreation places include theatres, parks, stadiums, shopping malls,





This is the place where people watch
movies skits, dramas, shows, etc., to get refreshed. Theatres also provide
employment to people so that, employment generation increases.

(Image taken from


This is the place where people get
all the accessories which the people in our settlement use in daily life. Malls
also provide gadgets, clothes, games, groceries etc., to people.

(Image done in Sketch up software)


This is the place where sports and
games are organized and watched. Due to sports, people get relief from physical
and mental stress. By watching sports people feel enthusiastic. So, stadiums
are one of the most important Recreation aspects.




(Image done in pencil and sketch)




This is the place where people enjoy
different rides, games etc. It is the best form of recreation and people get
relief from all the stress.

(Image done in pencil and sketch)



Clothing is one of the parts of the
lifestyle. Clothing of people at a particular region depends upon many factors;
one of the main factors is climatic conditions.

 Since, our settlement is located near Jupiter;
the climatic condition is very cool. So, as to keep themselves warm, people
must wear woollen or Acrylic clothes. People can also wear fibres such
as to keep themselves warm.

(Image taken from


is a secular place. Hence, we don’t force people to follow any particular
religion. People can follow their own religion and traditional customs as if on
earth. By this people can also follow their culture and traditions, continue
their ancestors beliefs. Every religious ritual is supported in our settlement
unless and until it violates the society.



People living in our settlement need
food which is healthy and tasty. All the food which comes from plants is
cultivated using natural fertilizers. Staple food such as rice and wheat are
daily consumed by citizens in our settlement. So, these pulse crops are mostly
cultivated in our settlement. Some other food grains like, sugar cane, oil
seeds etc. are also cultivated in our settlement.

Food produced from animals such as
milk, meat, eggs, honey, etc. are also produced and consumed by people of our


In our
settlement people are protected by police force that are specially trained and
are professionals in different skills. People are protected by police in case
of robbery, assaults, accidents, harassment, discrimination, etc. and are given
justice by courts. Human policemen will patrol in living areas as well as robot
cops also patrol in living areas for convenience of people. They note down the
complaints given by people and solve their problems before 24 hours.


situations such as accidents, fire accidents, sudden health problems, etc. are
managed by special task forces which are trained to rescue victims from the
catastrophe. Special vehicles are provided for those rescue teams such as
ambulance, fire engines, etc. Victims affected in critical situations are
provided free medical facility and compensated by the Government. Our
settlement is a safe place to reside as there is less possibility of having a
sudden disaster.

(Image done in pencil and sketch)



                    Communication plays a major
role in Human’s life. Noticing the disadvantages of Smart phones, we strictly
prohibit the use of smart phones in our settlement. As an alternative we use
Telephones in houses and offices and Telephone booths are provided in living
areas for every 50m. Telephones booths are connected through undergroun


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