Globalization is reason why countries have access to market

Globalization is reason why countries have access to
market and can export goods, so people are provided with greater numbers of products,
services and consumers, but globalization may often leave lasting consequences.
Globalization has created different areas of concern, and most important among
these is the impact that it has had on the environment.

Our lifestyle is affected by
globalization in many aspects, for example, it has improved our access to
technology, among to communication and innovation improvement. Globalization
has many positive impacts, such as development of manufacturing and creating
jobs, as well as to provide economic growth. Also process of catching up to
other developed countries is much faster, so it is easier increasing the
standard of living. To include the equality, human rights and learning
about other cultures is among positive aspects of globalization.

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Globalization has led impact
to global warming and climate change, due to greenhouse gases. Overuse and abuse of natural
resources are consequences of increased demands for a country’s goods. One of
the disadvantages that globalization has left is free trade, which kills
competition between companies by developed coutries surpassing the poor ones. Globalization
has ruined small companies and middle class, that is why smaller bussineses
usually follow trends, because of huge monopoly. Also globalization has
destroyed traditions of many nations.

People are still arguing about
negative and positive effects of globalization, which itself can encourage to
building a better structure which is economically potential and
environment-friendly. Globalisation
brings huge benefits, but it should never be allowed to crush
multiplicity. Globalization is about competition,
and if certain companies can take the lead in being environment friendly, then
it will encourage others to follow that example. 


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