Global and has made weather very unpredictable (Ford and

warming is a serious problem today and very severally affecting the arctic
regions of the world.  Due to an increase
in temperature for the past several years, the arctic is slowly melting and the
environment is changing causing many issues to animals, infrastructure, and hunting.  The Porcupine Caribou is the eighth largest
herd of caribou in North America and the largest herd which migrates between
Canada and the United States (Hassol, 2004). 
Since the increase in temperature in the arctic regions, the Porcupine
Caribou Herd has decreased dramatically from 178 000 in 1989 to 123 000 in 2001
(Hassol, 2004).  This dramatic decrease
is affecting people living in the arctic as well.  Many northern indigenous people rely on
caribou as food (Hassol, 2004).  In
addition to this, it is important part of spirituality, culture, mythology, and
economy for indigenous people and communities living in the arctic (Hassol,
2004).  Over the years, as the average
temperature of the artic is increasing, and there is a much higher chance of
flooding and coastal erosion.  The
increase in temperature is causing glaciers to melt and more precipitations in
the arctic regions.  These conditions are
causing an increase in water levels ultimately causing flooding (Ford and
Smith, 2004).  In addition to this,
permafrost, permanently frozen ground is starting to thaw as well causing
further coastal erosion and ultimately damage to infrastructure such as
housing, transportation routes, and pipelines (Ford and Smith, 2004).  The dramatic change in temperature has caused
many environmental changes such as stability and duration of sea ice and has
made weather very unpredictable (Ford and Smith, 2004).  These changes have altered the strategies for
hunting in the arctic regions.  As an
example, the Inuit population living in upper Canada Nunavut adjusted the
timing and location for hunting due to unpredictable weather and change in ice
and snow levels (Ford and Smith, 2004).


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