Global a noticeable system and forms. During the creations

Global governance may have many pieces and actors; however, states are the most important actor because global governance is shaped and created by the ideas, perspectives and values in which states have given to them through their interaction with other state-actors and non-state actors. According to social constructivism, global governance is described mainly by the interactions between different actors and as a result, it influences the ideas, perspectives and values of different actors. Moreover, materialism does not matter if not for the ideas which are put into them. This means that the ideas, perspectives and values of actors would greatly matter in global governance. Even so there is the question of whose ideas, perspectives and values would influence the most on global governance. Responding to this, it can be seen that states usually been the main actors on shaping them with their opinion and beliefs which mostly demonstrate throughout the decades. As global governance has been forms long ago, the focus for this paper will only cover from the early 20th century to the 21st century since it has been the period which has shown many changes of states’ perspectives. With that in mind, states have shown great influence on global governance since the period in which war was the main values and solutions to states’ problem. As constructivists believe that ideas ,which are formed by the interactions, are what created global governance. Therefore to explain that states are the main actors, there is a need to study the interaction of states in which give them ideas to shape global governance. Between 1915 and 1945, a certain noticeable form of global governance was created by the opinions and beliefs of states which war would be part of solutions of their problems as well as a way to gain prestige, a demonstration  of power and a way to gain the resources. This resulted in the development of global governance in the early 20th century revolving around war and conflict. In addition, the interaction of states in which has mostly indicated that war was the main focus for states since the years before the 20th century. It was during the peek of the period of colonialism since the 16th century. It has begun since the creation of Concert of Europe and the Treaty of Westphalia which was the first time of global governance to have a noticeable system and forms. During the creations of those pieces, European countries only recognized the values among themselves while did not put much values on non-European countries. As a result, European countries started colonizing many countries especially around Asia, and Africa.


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