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Get Online Healthcare knows the value of their readers. So as a reader you and your privacy are very important to us. Moreover, we are aware of our duties and responsibilities. So it is our main duty to protect your privacies.That’s why we created this privacy policy page for you to make you confident for browsing and using our site with no hassle. We demonstrate all fair information practices here from how we collect to how we use.Then let’s introduce our privacy policies in below.1. Our Data or Information Collection Practices1.1. What data or information we usually collect here and from where?Don’t worry! We don’t steal your information in any way.We just collect your personally identifiable information from you, if you submit your personal information to sign up for a newsletter or get in touch with us through our contact us form in ‘Contact Us’ page.We collect information from you like:    Your name,    Your email address,    Your interest,    Your hobby,    Your gender, and    Your message details what you submitted to our contact us form.1.2. User Data or Information Modification or Removal or Updating ProcessAs our reader or user, you can modify your information, even if you want to update it or remove it forever. Just inform us through our contact us page.1.3. Our Privacy Policy Modification and Updating ProcessWe may modify or update our privacy policy page in future, but before modifying it we will post a 30 days prior notice or message on our Get Online Health Care website. This policy will be effective on February 01, 2018.1.4. Third Party Tracking SystemWe have decided to inform you about of the possibility of the third-party tracking system.Actually, we use their some services for our social media interactions, technical benefits, and affiliate purposes. So they can track your personally identifiable information through this website. But if you provide them your personally identifiable information land on their website, then we won’t take any responsibility for this.If you want you can read their privacy policies and their tracking system by visiting their link in below.    Facebook    Twitter    Pinterest    Tumblr    YouTube    Instagram    LinkedInNote: If you want to get further control over your personal data then you can use a program like Privacy Badger for your browser. And if you also want to get rid of from Google’s tracking system, then you can do it as well. Already Google included their name on NIA opt-out program, so you can opt out their tracking system through this link.1.5. Do we use cookies or not?We may use cookies to identify you like how you browse the web and what is your user experience on our website. It’s a kind of small text file loaded on your computer by our web server when you visit in our website. That’s why our website can remember your browser and preferences.1.6. What information we automatically collect from you?Our web server automatically collects visitors’ IP addresses. Though it’s not revealed visitors’ any personal information. But this information can be helpful for our marketing purposes only. So we can improve our services, offers, and contents.2. Why we collect your data or information?We collect your personal data or information to recognize or identify you. As a result, we can understand our website’s usage and trends. Moreover, it also helps us to create targeted and good quality contents, tutorials and offers for you according to your requirements and preferences.3. How do we use your collected information?3.1. How do we use personal informationWe don’t share or sell your personal information like your email address with any other third parties.Moreover, we promote other companies affiliate links through our posts and sidebar links. So if you purchase a product through those affiliate link then you landing on that product’s company website and they notify us about you with some identifying information. Of course, we don’t public it too.3.2. Use of anonymous informationWe use anonymous information for analyzing our website’s visitor or traffic.3.3. How do we handle Cookies Information


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