Gasoline is also known as being a universal solvent

Gasoline is a non-aqueous solution, so what exactly is a non-aqueous solution? To begin with, a solution is a homogeneous mixture; a homogeneous mixture is a mixture or solution where you cannot identify any other components present in the mixture. For example water contains many kinds of minerals which are all dissolved making water homogeneous mixture. Water is also known as being a universal solvent What is an aqueous solution? An aqueous solution is a solution where water is the solvent. Water is known for being a universal solvent. Liquid water has the ability to dissolve and mix with other materials. So if an aqueous solution is a solution where water is the solvent. A non-aqueous solution is the opposite having  water not being the solvent in a reaction. Gasoline is a non-aqueous solution water is not the solvent present in the mixture. Gasoline is corrupted with many different compounds dissolved in the mixture  crude oil, petroleum, and hydrocarbons are some of the compounds that makeup gasoline. Oxygenates are common additives that are dissolved in gasoline. Oxygenates are hydrocarbons that contain more than one oxygen atom. These oxygenates are made up of alcohols and fuel such as ethanol. What is a common oxygenate used in canadian gasoline? A common oxygenate used in canadian gasoline is ethanol. Ethanol is produced from plants most common are corn and wheat. It is used as a fuel and mixed together with other oils and alcohols so it can produce fuel also known as gasoline. Methanol is another known oxygenate in alcohol form present in gasoline. Methanol is not used in gasoline as much due to methanol relying on fossil fuels. Ethanol is most commonly known for being a prefered oxygenate present in gasoline for the opposite reason as methanol. Ethanol does not rely on fossil fuels as it is made from wheat and corn, and it is cleaner than most alcohols such as methanol or oils. The purpose of adding oxygenates to gasoline fuel is to make it more green and burn cleaner. How does it make gasoline more green or burn cleaner? Oxygenates not only clear the air and prevent air pollution, but  lower CO2 emissions. The burning of oil with oxygenates present also lowers the use of toxic and deadly components in gasoline such as benzene and toluene. Gasoline and oil are two major factors worldwide. Gasoline is a fuel, it fuels majority of automobile vehicles, it is combustible meaning it can be burned and it burns easily.  There are many different views on gasoline, wether burning crude oil is right or wrong. Gasoline has a huge affect on the earth. Some advantages to gasoline are the amount of power gasoline can produce in gasoline powered vehicles compared to the amount of power a battery operated/ hybrid vehicle can. Also the prices differ from hybrids and gasoline fueled vehicles making majority of gasoline fuels vehicles cheaper to purchase. Although there are many pros to gasoline there are still just as many disadvantages and bad effects on the earth. Most vehicles are not green friendly those cars dispense toxic fumes which causes air pollution and global warming. Global warming has been such a key factor and popular topic for the past couple  years many believe global warming’s biggest contributor is the large amount of oil burned  creating greenhouse gases and going into the atmosphere getting “trapped” and heating up global temperature. Another affect gasoline has is the exposure humans have to the toxic fumes. Components in gasoline when inhaled are known to be linked to diseases such as cancer or lightheadedness. Being exposed to these fumes are a health hazard. As I had mentioned before gasoline is very combustible when near heat. Most oil fires occur in factories and on the road with transport trucks. Transporting gasoline is very dangerous and can lead to many possible disasters. Additionally gasoline relies on crude oil made up of  fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are are matter made up of animals and plants from many years ago put under a lot of pressure coming from sand, rock, and stone compacting the pants and animals together creating oil and natural gases. The fossil fuels supply the world with power, infrastructure, and gasoline. Fossil fuels cause an uproar worldwide. Some countries are oil rich due to the amount of oil wells. Oil wells are spots that are mined and dug into to find crude oil this process is done constantly. Although oil wells are mined from constantly what happens when we run out? And when will we run out? That is the question many people have been asking in the past years. Having no exact knowledge of how much fossil fuels are left out of the supply, we know it cannot last forever.Knowing the effects that come from the use of gasoline there have been new ways found to eliminate and lower the consumption of gasoline. Gasoline consumption can be eliminated and lowered by driving only when needed biking is a safer and greener option. Investing in a battery operated or hybrid car decreases the amount of CO2 emissions not making a huge difference to air pollution but contributing less. Another way to reduce consumption is to make sure the cap on the gas tank is shut tight and sealed properly. Shutting the cap properly can save one from filling up the gas tank frequently and prevent a possible oil fire accident. In my opinion a better substitute for gasoline would be using electric cars or solar powered vehicles. I think that the use of electric cars can decrease the use of gasoline by using an electric operated engine to power the motor as well as the whole car using eco-friendly/ hybrid vehicles. Cars that are seen as eco-friendly include the nissan leaf, hyundai sonata plug-in hybrid, and toyota prius two eco, etc. I also think that using vehicles powered by solar panel heat would be more useful in warmer regions such as Florida, Los angeles, Vegas, Mexico, etc. Using solar panel powered cars in warmer regions not only decreases the amount of gasoline intake, but as long as there is sun your car will always be powered during the day. In conclusion do I agree with the use of oxygenates in canadian gasoline? Yes, I do agree. I believe if you can’t use or have the time for electric/ hybrid vehicles, solar powered vehicles, public transportation, walking, or biking then it is okay to use oxygenates in a gasoline fueled vehicles. Oxygenates are meant to be cleaner and make gasoline more green, decrease CO2 emissions, rid the atmosphere of greenhouse gases that create global warming, and rid the air of possible gasoline pollutants.


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