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GAC 005 Assessment Event 2: Project


WEB 2.0

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Student´s Name:    Flavio Alonso
Morgan Gallardo

                                   Christian Omar Castor

Student ID #           CA43858


Teacher:                Edgar Hernández Figueroa

Due Date:               19 March 2010

Word Count:         234
















Table of contents





Results/ Findings


























WEB 2.0

In this report named “WEB 2.0” we’re going to
talk about two cloud applications: Google Drive and Dropbox we’re going to
compare it in different skills. It’s
important to know what service is on the top of the cloud service we’re making
a research of each service for know what they are useful and unuseful. Get
information of this services is very interesting because they are tools of work
so is important to know the best cloud service because it could be useful in other signatures to work in teams.




















The conduct of this two apps think that is to
similar because the two are work for the same the organization of document but
one of them have more tools work they are on the top of the documents apps


I conduct my research in base of experiment
because we use this apps to school work and that help us to done the experiment
and give information to us to have more points to compare this to apps like the
speed of share,edit, organise and the tools that have each one like you can
edit the document, how many document can you have in each app.


To do my research I created a Dropbox account
and I started to compare this two app by my own and honestly they are very
similar, but, obviously they have their differences. When I create my Dropbox
account the App teached me how to use Dropbox and then I started to use it, I
have the both accounts and I experiment with the both apps.
















3.0  Results




Google launch on April 24, 2012 a file storage
and synchronization cloud service this cloud service Google Drive allows users
to store files in the cloud, synchronize files across devices, and share files.
In addition to a website, Google Drive offers apps with offline capabilities
for Windows and macOS computers, and Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
Also you can share documents with a other people this is useful for edit the
document and text with the person all of this inside the service.This service
is the first cloud storage of google.


Google Drive is an excellent option to upload
your documents because give 15GB for free but if you want to expand you need a
paid plan.












Dropbox is cloud storage we
can say that is the competition of the other cloud storage “Google
Drive” it was created in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi through their headquarters are in San Francisco.


For communication Dropbox
is useful because you can communicate with other persons through the platform
you can make a meeting to be agree with the other person at the moment you’re
making your work and make a brainstorm to start your project.


has the abilty to make collective works it very similar as the function of
Google drive but Dropbox I think it´s better because it have better
communication skills in the same app, for example the Brainstorming and
meeeting notes to be agree with your partner. In Google drive not, you have to
sign in “hangouts” and then you can make videocalls and more.










4.0 Discussion

We find some important information to know
about, there some points to compare this apps:



Google Drive


Free Storage

15 GB


Possibility of work with more users in the same document

Yes, this is very important point because
this resolve many problems to done a project.

No, dropbox not have the possibility to work
with more than 1 user in the same document


doesn´t has the ability to do this you have to call your partner through

has the ability to do this just you have to start writing and the ideas
submit to the brainstorm.

Meeting notes

Drive hasn´t this ability you have to be agree with your team through

It has
the ability to create meeting notes to be agree with your team in the same

Online and Offline

In this points both apps win because the
option of work offline are in the apps but you need a internet to save the
document in the cloud storage.

Options to share a

In this point also this apps have this
option of share the document with a LINK.






In conclusion of this
large investigation teh both apps are to similar both have good and bad points
but I think that Google Drive are for company jobs, school work, etc. Dropbox
are for more personal projects.This doesn’t mean that one apps are better of the
other one. The research showd a very important information to care when you are
choosing one of this to apps.

In conclusion
analyzing the both apps I think that the two cloud storage platforms are very
similar but obviously they have differences and in  my own opinion I think Dropbox is the best
app to do a team work if you can make a meeting to be agree. And in Google
Drive is the best app to work with a pair because it has the ability to edit a
document by two persons at the same time.























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