From guarantee a quality fit, consumers obtained tailors. However,

From using flip phones to touchscreen phones, technology had a huge transition. Just as technology had evolved, so has our clothing. Clothing has consistently been a vital part of society, with evidence from earliest civilizations! There are new trends every day in the fashion world and many things that cause clothing to change. In history, religion, climate and political factors took part in fabrication, designing and even the color of an item of clothing  that people wore. Over time clothing has evolved tremendously because of clothing styles, new ways of developing clothing methods, and new technology being introduced. Clothing styles changed significantly since early periods of the middle ages and the industrial revolution. During the Renaissance, they sewed a number of different pieces of fabric together which granted them a more tailored fit.  Fitted clothing was a popular trend during the Renaissance. According to source two, restrained and practical clothing was important in the beginning of the 19th and 20th century. Soon, fitted styles, corsets, and intricate designing were popularized by the upper class. In order to guarantee a quality fit, consumers obtained tailors. However, not everyone can afford this type of service. Making clothes at home remained a regular used technique of production. Soon new styles became cheaper to make and accessible to everyone.The methods of clothing manufacture have altered  radically. Ever since the massive demand for clothing, a great supply of tailors, and the market for exquisite clothing and fine clothing craftsman increased.  As stated in source 1 during the civil war most clothing was made by tailors. Tailor-made clothes became a luxury that was only able to be adored by the upper class. That is why people made their own clothing. Home-made clothing and ready-made clothing appeared at different times for men and women.  Towards the ending of the 19th-century clothing became manufactured in factories for men’s uniform. Source 1 tells us that the mass production of women’s clothing started in the late 1920’s. Ready-made clothing grew into a brand-new trend. People began to purchase clothes from stores. Back then technology was not as complex, so was their style was basic. As technology progresses new innovations assembles to design and produce clothing. The writer of article 3 emphasizes in advancements in technology like 3D printers revolutionizing the experience of buying clothes.  New innovations like the 3D printer can make it easier for consumers make unique clothing that would be the perfect fit for you.  Without the improvements in technology, our clothes would be a  lot different than what we have in this day and age. New technology will definitely have a huge impact on society on developing clothing efficiently. In essence, clothing styles, new ways of developing clothing methods, and new technology has changed the fashion world. Clothing never stays the same, it is constantly changing. As developments in fabricating and purchasing clothes evolved, new fashion styles progressed as well. In the past, there were not many options as to which clothes to wear because of the lack of efficiency when developing them. However, these new ways of developing and sizing clothing are drastically changing. As technology advancements go on, it is likely that clothing styles will follow.


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