From: a scientific project at the Botany and microbiology


From: Abdelghafar M. Abu-Elsaoud


Subject: Roqaya Hassan Alhalawany

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Date: December-2017



To whom
it may concern


I have had the pleasure of supervising Roqaya
H. Alhalawany for the past two years while she worked with me in
various capacities.

Roqaya H. Alhalawany is known to me as a junior year student at
STEM Schools,

Since 2016. Roqaya worked with me as a research assistant in a scientific
project at the Botany and microbiology laboratories, department of Botany,
faculty of Science, Suez Canal University, Ismailia 41522, Egypt.


Roqaya has performed superbly in every role she
took in the laboratory and has far exceeded expectations for productivity. I
have worked with over 100
-college student workers- during my tenure with the project and Roqaya stands
out as one of the very best despite her younger age.

she has a
very pleasant personality, characterized with her fantastic perseverance, and
very enthusiastic with here research work.


In fact,
staff views Roqaya more as a professional colleague than a high school
student worker. Moreover, she has assigned complex and responsible tasks
which would not usually be entrusted to a high school student. These tasks
include responsibility for maintaining our project which has a very confusing
and complicated structure.

emphasize, working in such
a scientific project required data analyzing skills, scientific
knowledge, research skills, communication skills, management and leadership
skills. In addition, I can
strongly admit that she has these skills.


Roqaya is extremely well organized and detail
oriented in her approach to tasks. She masters tasks quickly with her curiosity,
keen intellect and carries them out in a precise and errors free manner. Staff
and I are often pleasantly surprised when Roqaya finishes a task ahead
of time and wonder how she has done so with such thoroughness and
efficiency, although college students may haven’t done. Furthermore, she finished her
project with an A+.


She is hard working, cooperative and willing to
learn. Her command in English is excellent both verbally and writing. I do
believe that she has the ability to undertake a higher degree at your


I give Roqaya my highest recommendation
as an extremely sharp student with an extraordinarily positive attitude. I am
confident she will perform better than you can anticipate or imagine.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this exceptional
young girl.







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