From a child I used to dream of flying

From an early stage in life, I was fascinated by the world of
technology where numerous devices were built to match the needs of a human.
Thoroughly enjoying maths and having a profound interest in physics I was
attracted to engineering. I want to study engineering because engineering is
making real what seems impossible to the lay person. For example, manned flight
was considered an unrealistic dream a little over a century ago, until the
Wright Brothers flew their Flyer plane in December 1903. While in today’s world
commercial jets are just another commonplace method of transport. Aerospace
industry is pushing the limitations of technical innovations at an exponential
rate. When I was a child I used to dream of flying cars and suddenly they are
not mere dreams any more but real possibilities. Other technological
advancements such as self-driven cars could be commonplace in a few years. 

Studying physics and maths at A-Level gave me a deeper
understanding of these subjects and made me more interested, as the courses
challenge your problem solving and critical thinking skills. These subjects
allowed me to expand my knowledge on scientific and mathematical principles
that are applied for the efficient working of everyday machines and system. I
am determined to enhance and develop In the National Numeracy Challenge I have
achieved gold award both times I have participated.

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Being in the AQA baccalaureate tutor group in college I was able
to be a part of the HE+ Scheme, where I was able to do several workshops on
Biochemistry and also had the opportunity to listen to physics and maths
lectures from professors in Cambridge University. As part of the Science
Academy research/ experiment we, chose to do “Physics of Spilling
Coffee” for which we carried out several primary and secondary researches,
helped us to reach a valid conclusion and allowed me to gain more knowledge. It
also improved my team work and organisation skills. In our Physics class where
we were presented with a task to build the strongest bridge using ruler and
retort stands, I was able to make the strongest bridge in class, which reflects
my ability and passion towards engineering.

Outside college, I have completed National Citizen Service (NCS),
which involved several activities during the residential, such as rock
climbing, fell walking and other activities that required teamwork and
enthusiasm. This helped me expand my understanding of the importance of
determination in order to achieve my aims. In addition, for the Social Action
aspect of the course, we picked up litter from streets around Bolton for 5 days
through which we were able to make many people aware of their surroundings and
it was more successful when people came to us offering help and joining us. NCS
experience has helped me improve my team working, communicating and decision
making skills, as we have completed several activities during the two months of
the programme.

Working in a pharmacy alongside the staff assisting them with
their work allowed me to advance my communication and team working skills and
the proficiency to work under pressure. Being on time for work and meeting
target within set time even enhanced my responsible behaviour and punctuality.

Besides my interest in Physics, I have a keen interest in
badminton and have represented Bolton Lads and Girls Club in several league and
cup championships. Travelling, playing carrom and cricket occupies my free time
and helped me to boost my confidence and self-esteem. While in India, I was
given an opportunity to work with the Red Cross as part of a charitable program
organized by my school. This experience gave me an insight on the value of
life, caring and helping the ones in need. Being a multi lingual speaking
Malayalam, English and Tamil has helped me in adapting to different cultures
and understanding the world and its diversity.

Overall, I believe that my experience and courses undertaken have
demonstrated the requirement needed to pursue my dream in reading aerospace


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