Friend anti-social, quarrelsome and slow-witted creatures that make life


“Friend” is
another example of a neologism that has been recently created through
conversion. The term ‘Friend’ was only a noun; however, due to social media the
term “friend” is now also a verb. It is used to describe the process of adding
someone to your profile on social media platforms, such as Facebook. “Why
didn’t you friend me?” Can you recognize how this neologism was created? Go to page 5 for more information about the
evolution of language and conversions.

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Neologism Conversions linked to Social



During the 17th
century, the term ‘troll’ referred to a giant or demon. However, through Back
Formation, social media created a new meaning for the word. Back
formation (Bodle, 2016) is when the meaning of a new word links
to a previous word. Characteristics of a troll include anti-social, quarrelsome
and slow-witted creatures that make life difficult for travelers (Dimri, 2016). Nowadays, ‘troll’ refers
to a person who posts unwanted, rude and offending pictures and comments on
social media platforms. In other words, it is a person who offends others. As
you can see there is a direct link between the old definition and the new
definition which indicates an evolution that has taken place over time. When
studying converted neologisms, it is always important to make this link between
the old meaning and the new meaning in order to point out how this neologism
was actually created.


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