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Fossil Fuels and Solar EnergyFossil fuels are non-renewable resources as they take millions of years to form and accelerating overuse is leading to their rapid depletion.When fossil fuels burn waste either comes out by carbon dioxide or the waste chemicals pollute the water. When waste is produced through carbon dioxide it causes pollution and pollution causes global warming causing into many other problems like the melting of icecaps, less acres of land for artic animals and pollution destroys the ozone layer and produces greenhouse gases. However currently humans are reliant on Fossil fuels as it is a fast way to receive energy therefore making the process of transmitting energy easier and more efficient because of the properties of the fossil fuels. Scientists have proven that in the near future fossil fuels won’t be accessible and if we continue to be reliant on this resource in the future energy will be a gigantic problem for the mass of growing population making over population a bigger threat. Therefore if the world could start relying more on a renewable energy source like solar panels and use limited fossil fuels many of the worlds problems would be solved like global warming, pollution, melting of ice caps and many more. However countries and individuals have reasons for not using solar panels as their main energy source. One reason is that they are just too expensive. Some people around the world can’t afford to buy solar panels to supply their house. However the people who can afford solar panels don’t want to use their income in solar panels if they can easily get access to energy from fossil fuels for cheaper. Another reason people don’t use solar panels is because of the growth in population and less space. Nowadays most people live in condos. And in condos they need space for sports and different facilities and there is no space solar panels. Even if condos manage to fit some solar panels they wouldn’t convert enough energy for the whole condo. If solar panels are put around a country/city without any physical force after setting the solar pannells up. Solar panels use photovoltaic process meaning converting the sunlight into electricity. Therefore as long the sun remains solar panels will kept converting light into electricity. When electricity is created from solar panels they don’t cause pollution or cause any problems such as global warming therefore solar energy is a good alternative electricity source than fossil fuels. After solar panels are set the electricity bill will reduce as solar maintenance is not needed when in fossil fuels there are many men and women who have to work to dig up then continue the process on converting the fossils into electricity. Like explained above there are many economical problems with solar panels. People also tend to not care what source of energy they use as long as they get electricity.


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