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For Peter Zumthor volume and sound were to play an integral part in the lacing together of experiences. Sound dissipates or reverberates depending on the space. the expansion and contraction of body through the spaces is echoed in the sounds produced. To enter the Sound Bath or “Resonance Room” the visitor is lead down steps, around corners until they enter the 2.6 by 2.6 metre room,  with a 6 metre high ceiling. The passage is deliberately low and narrow, entry and exit can only be made one at a time. The polished stone surfaces of the entry give way to the exposed faces of cut stone of the interior. The pool is illuminated and light descends from the centre of the ceiling, the narrow room drawing the eye upwards. The sound here is ephemeral, changing with the movements of the visitor, “A singing, a humming, a ringing seems to resound, issuing from the more or less practiced choir of those present, conducted according to the laws of sound propagation upward to the ceiling, carried and reflected by the different refraction angles of the walls. Certain frequencies and their overtones are amplified through interference and produce a fuller sound. One’s own voice as a sound source stimulates the resonant frequency of the room as a cavity resonator and seems to come from somewhere else, to belong to someone else” (Lum et al., 2011, p. 85,86) Similarly, the sense of hearing becomes the main focus within a volume entitled the “Sounding Stone.”  In the darkened space, benches invite visitors to lie and pause. In this space “it’s as if outside noises have been switched off, and in conjunction with the darkness a sound that seems to come from far away moves closer and closer and awakens one’s audio-sensory perception”  (Lum et al., 2011, p. 87)  Sound art by composer Fritz Hause reverberates from hidden speakers. This experience may be contrasted to that in the sound pool, where sounds are abstractly reverberated off of cavernous walls. Each splash, each whisper is amplified and such sounds may escalate when travelling from one of the smaller, periphery volumes to the large cavity of the main pool.


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