For landmarks, and boundaries” (Bruyneel, 714) were about to

For these treaties to work out in the government’s favour, the government had to exterminate the bison to make sure the natives were pushed off of their land but also this created many conflicts which resulted in one of the two rebellions; North-West Rebellion commonly known as the Red River Rebellion. The Red River Rebellion was a settlement first that was founded in 1813, by Alexander, Lord Selkrik, obtained a grant of the land from “The Hudson Bay Company” near Assiniboine and Red River. This settlement was frequently threatened with destruction from the Indians and various causes but this eventually turned into a fourteen year long series of sequence events that was primary based in the Red River colony of what is known today as now Manitoba. The Red River Rebellion was a Metis resistance that was led by Louis Riel, he was a controversial figure throughout Canadian history and still is today but in the perspectives of Canadians, he was believed to be a villain and a hero at the sametime. Throughout the years of 1869 and 1885, he decided to help the Metis out by becoming their main leader but he struggle to improve their lives when the government ordered a survey of the Red River Settlement on September 1869. This survey was declared as a threat to the Metis people, in which the european surveyors mapped out the land of the Red River colony and the people of the Red River soon “found their ancient surveys, landmarks, and boundaries” (Bruyneel, 714) were about to be seized by the government because they were merely “half breeds” to English Canadians. In a statement that was brought to the attention of Prime Minister Macdonald “These impulsive half-breeds have got spoilt by the emeute riot, and must be kept down by a strong hand until they are swamped by the influx of settlers” (Bruyneel, pg 715) this had been demonstrated in many attempts by the Canadian government to crush the rebellion but instead escalated into a minor civil war


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