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For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by automobiles. The new technologiesthat are constantly emerging only amplify that interest. Analyzing and understanding the waythings work is a thrill I’ve sought for most of my life, starting as small as conducting experimentswith my toys or repairing my bicycle. I have always tried to find innovation in even the smallestof things in everyday life, and I wish to use that innovation to create a better and a healthierworld.I was been born and raised in Bangalore, a metropolitan city in southern India where thepopulation boomed, more than doubling in less than thirty years. Climate change became areality, and as a result, I found myself watching helplessly as the people around me faced healthproblems. About one-third of all the energy consumed (and which contributes to climatechance) is attributed to mobility. Transport emissions strongly influence global warming as wellas air quality. This naturally leaves me worried for the future, which in turn drives me to worktowards a form of mobility that is more eco-friendly, sustainable, safe, comfortable andaffordable. I want to make a difference to the future with my work.In my academic career, I’ve done my best to be sincere and focused. After completing mysecondary higher education, my passion for automotive engineering inspired me to major inmechanical engineering at K S Institute of Technology, which is affiliated to VisvesvarayaTechnological University. The course structure gave me a good balance of theory and practice,and the excellent faculty introduced me to the core fields of mechanical engineering.During my undergraduate years, I acquired a strong background in the fundamentals ofengineering, such as engineering mathematics, mechanics of materials, computer-aided design,thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, IC engines, and turbo machines. These subjects allowed meto improve my problem-solving techniques. Furthermore, subjects like automotive engineering,design of machine elements, dynamics of machines, manufacturing processes, finite elementanalysis and computer integrated manufacturing kept me updated on the latest technologies inthe field.In today’s competitive world, classroom studies alone are not enough. To go beyond that, Iapplied and was selected for an internship at Volvo group trucks. I was thrilled to see theautomobile world from so close up. I learned new skills, and my knowledge base andconfidence increased. Thanks to the work I did in that internship, my path was set: I wouldcontinue in this field for the rest of my life.In the final year, I was selected for another Internship at ModTech Engineering, a leadingmanufacturer of automobile and mechanical cut sectional models. It was there that I did myfinal project as part of a team of four. We decided to build a test-rig model that we called”vacuum-booster assisted hydraulic breaking system” and tested the system under variousconditions. I came up with the idea to develop the vacuum in the booster by using a handheldcar vacuum cleaner when the engine was turned off. This was successfully demonstrated in thetest rig. Being team leader was a big responsibility, but my enthusiasm carried me through, andI was praised for my integrity. We were placed in the top 5 teams with a score of 196/200.In addition to academics, I have been an active participant in sports and extracurricularactivities. I represented my college as part of the football team, which has greatly helped medevelop my abilities as a team player.My undergraduate studies allowed me to cultivate a strong foundation in mechanicalengineering, but I always felt there was something missing. At my internships, I learned thatmost automobile companies were still using old technology, and the changes were merelycosmetic. They were delivering the same environment-destroying machines I wanted toreplace. My fascination with automobiles and my desire to make the environment cleaner ledme to look at a master’s program as an essential tool to reaching my goals.I do not have any second thoughts in choosing the green drive program. It is a perfect fit forme. The multi-cultural journey involved is the icing on the cake. My desire to keep abreast ofthe latest developments in the field of automobiles will certainly be fulfilled. I look forward tothe immense opportunities available at your university, thanks to the emphasis on collaborativelearning, flexibility, a and a global perspective on various key issues. I hope to become a part ofthis dynamic culture and work effectively in diverse teams and situations. Thank you for yourtime and consideration.


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