For but for this case, the applicant’s written resumes

this paper, an analysis will be done on the appropriate selection tools that
are needed in hiring the best candidate for the job. Three applicants will bee
evaluated to get the best of them. However, careful review of their resume and
the content in them have to be carefully done using appropriate selection
tools. As
such, Edenborough (2007) explains that different kinds of job positions do
require various types of selection techniques. Right techniques are needed in
determining the recruitment of the best person for the advertised position.
These selection tools depend on one’s attributes, skills, and knowledge that is
required. Most commonly used selection techniques are conducting panel
interviews, assessing an applicant’s written reports and checking on referee
reports but for this case, the applicant’s written resumes are available. The
job was one that needed an applicant who could perform preventative and works
of repair maintenance. One that would assist the property’s managers’ in the
daily operations of the property assigned to them. Various duties were to be
performed in compiling and completing the job expectations. Different skills
were required in proving the capability of being competent in meeting the job
expectations. Such skills included communication, accuracy, judgment,
familiarity skills and other skills not limited to any of the described above. Furthermore,
various physical demands are also deemed capable as physical work was involved.
The physical demands that needed to be included were lifting about 50-100
pounds, driving company’s vehicle, dealing with various chemicals as well as
performing strenuous activities. Education and experience were also required in
the job expectations. Such included diploma educational level, seven to eight
years’ experience of dealing with related work, technical ability, and valid
driving license.            For job applicant with resume 1, the following were the
information pertaining to him. Resume 1’s candidate occupied a different job in
Illinois where he performed in various sections such as maintenance,
manufacturing and also in training. The applicant was head of maintenance’s
where he supervised the various operations that occurred at the departmental
sector. Therefore, the applicant was responsible for the work safety of
employees under him, maintenance of operations equipment, overseeing employee’s
work conduct, ordering of new and replaceable stalk as well as the face of the
department. Technically,
used automatic and manual grinder stand debarred the locking assemblies. The
applicant also has experiences in core making for the manufacture of aluminum
and brass cores. In the maintenance section, machinery was repaired and
maintained under the applicants’ inspection. Here, uses of plumbing, plastering
skills were needed as well as operations of welding equipment. Additionally,
the applicant had responsibilities of training new job employees in the maintenance
and welding processes. For
the applicant with resume 2, she has experiences as a janitorial and laborer.
As a janitorial, the applicant maintained a clean and safe working environment
and operations in the janitorial equipment. As a laborer, she maintained and
serviced various types of equipment. Such equipment’s included wrapping,
preparing, and packaging equipment. The applicant also designed several pallets
needed in other companies and weighed caterpillar bottles all needed. Later on,
awarded to the managerial position. Through this, the applicant gained skills
in team playing, the operation of machinery as well as ability to be punctual,
reliable and dependable. The
third applicant is one who’s had experiences being a technician. Thus gaining
skills in communication, organizational, leadership, problem solving, and
detail orientation and the ability to adapt to stressful situations. The
applicant served as a technician, HVAC student technician, dockworker, sales
representative, and dispatcher. As a technician, the applicant engaged in
troubleshooting natural gas issues as well as the equipment’s involved, service
restaurants, installation and maintenance of equipment. Additionally, during
the service tenure, she serviced various maintenance equipment and servicing
assemblies. As
a dockworker, the applicants served as a forklift operator, responsible for
inbound and outbound freight, accurate recording, portfolio management, sales
representative, verification of all deliveries and maintenance of inventory
records and conducting deliveries. For this applicant, she gained the following
educational achievements; diploma in leadership, certification of forklift
operator, electrical operator.

this application, in accordance with Gatewood et al., (2015) analysis, the job
applicant with resume 1 is the best suited for this job position. The applicant
is one who has a vast experience in dealing with various operations of the job
details required. The candidates’ leadership is also manifested through the
leadership position accorded to him thus showing his competency as an employee
in the selected field. His skills are therefore sufficient to see through his
employment tenure in meeting his expectations as well as those for the job
being applied.  

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