Following Lusitania was one of the first animated documentaries

Following the relationship between social media and documentary and smart phones and documentary, this paragraph will focus on different types of genres which have evolved due to the presence of social media and smartphones in the field of documentary film.As time passes, new genres and techniques are added to the documentary cinema. These achievements have led documentaries to combine these genres and techniques into documentary films. It may be said that there are several genres in this field, namely Animation 
According to Strom (2015) directors like Walther Ruttmann, Hans Richter, Dziga Vertov, Len Lye and Norman Mclaren have made films in both sections of the industry and have been able to link the two. It is believed that The Sinking of Lusitania was one of the first animated documentaries to be made. However, the author also mentioned that around mid 20th century the general notion about documentaries which were animated had principally changed. Agreeing to this several scholars in the field of animation scarcely debated on the topic of animated documentary as the former had ruled out the possibility of this animated movies regarded and presented as documentaries. However in relation to this Honess Roe (2013) also mentioned in her book that it is only in the last two decades that people have started taking animated documentaries seriously as it is created and portrayed in an innovative manner. As mentioned in the previous sections 
that the technology has revolutionised the way films are created, stored and distributed, play an essential role in justifying the fact that technology is playing a huge role in changing the ways movies are being created and convincing critics that animated documentaries are a type of an innovative genre which is gaining popularity. Additionally it could be said that after 2000s, while mostly people had a good access to TVs, personal computers and smartphones ,a new genre called ” Reality television documentaries/shows” was introduce to genres and became very popular in recent years.This genre which documents supposedly unscripted real life situation ,typically with un professional actors, entertains people rather than educating.However, this genre have faced remarkable criticism since its popularity in a sense that the word “reality” has lost it’s meaning and do not reflect reality and participant attending an artificial situation (Opree, Kühne (2016).

Lastly, in conclusion the essay has tried to clearly argue whether phones and social media distribution changes the ways films are made, the way they look and their effects on documentary films . Therefore evaluating the use and effect of technology as a whole, it may be said that if it is used in the right and positive direction it can be productive and provide success. Although there may be several difficulties such as adapting to new and innovative culture or creation rather than the traditional ways. The essay has also tried to evaluate the negative side of it as well such as due to the unity which is created by the digital connections between the users it may be possible that the shared information may be used for a negative purpose. However it may be said that it might just depend on the way the technology is used. Furthermore the essay looked at the new genres of documentary films which have evolved due to the technological revolution. It may be said that animation, even though has been there before the internet and social media, it still was almost able to reinvent itself and was capable of calling itself animated documentary film. Whereas genre like “Reality TV” was introduced widely in 2000s and become very popular recently.

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