Finally they have a phone is to contact them.

Finally it will affect your academic performance and give more anxiety. Did you know scientists have done tests on kids who are on a screen for 2 hours v.s kids who didn’t go on a screen. The results after the school work they did the kids who had no screen 1 got better scores 2 they didn’t have as much doing the questions. This is important because if you let your child be on a phone all the time they will get lower grades. Kids will follow parents. This is important because if you are on your phone all the time and your child think it is ok they will do the exact same thing. But if you actually do something like working out your child will do that. Kids with a phone have more anxiety. This is important because even with simple questions your child will get confused and stressed. So unless you want to help cause your kid get bad grades or get anxiety,don’t get them a phone. Opponents may say that the only reason they have a phone is to contact them. Although  that might be true 70% of kids with phones have admitted to hiding their online use from their parents. This is important because your kids could be doing anything on the phone online. Also your child could add other contacts. This is important because they could call someone else or text someone that you don’t want them to talk to. Lastly did you know there are ways to hide apps? This important because your kids could be playing games when you don’t want them to. Also they can hide the apps in folders or in the cloud. Unless you want your kids to lie to you don’t get them a phone.So do you still think your kid should have a phone under 12? If you do just remember these reasons privacy, cyberbullying, it inhibits true social interaction, and it affects academic performance. Resources:Coupons.”,, Sarah Jacobsson. “10 Reasons Not to Give Your Kid Your Smartphone.” Greenbot, Greenbot, 12 June 2015,, Staff. “Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed in Schools.” Stabroek News, 6 July 2012,


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