Fashion of media for most of the audience, controversial

Fashion advertising is a billion dollar market; the purpose is to convince consumers to buy a certain type of wearable such as clothes, accessories, shoes, etc.. Fashion companies use many different ways to persuade the consumers to spend money on their products. In order to attract the consumers, companies have developed various kinds of communication strategies or techniques such as emotional appeal or sexual appeal in their advertising around the idea of provocative. This idea encourages the consumer to gain personal pleasure or accept desire by the eye catching effects. These persuasive techniques are communicated through television advertising, billboards, magazines, radio ads, or any type of media for most of the audience, controversial advertising is present in promotional message for a variety of branded goods. In today’s world, companies used controversial appeal to attract consumer and sell their product. Fashion is sold to people every day like sold online, in shopping malls, magazines and on television. Have you ever seen an advertisement where you don’t even know what they are advertising ?   2.1 Child Abuse  Sometimes companies develop certain advertising campaigns undergoing general ideas about what advertising are supposed to show and they hence provoke controversial public debates. So called controversial advertising has often been claimed to somehow subvert conventional advertising’s practice by the audiences, justice, advertisers, companies and advertising industry’s self regulating .An advert campaign for fashion brand Miu Miu that ran in Vogue magazine has been banned for performing to sexualise a toddler. Miu Miu, that’s owned by Prada, ran a double-web page advert that seemed to be shot via a slightly open doorway revealing a young female reclining on a bed (fig 3). The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) acquired a criticism that the photo regarded as if a child had been dressed as an adult in a sexually suggestive pose which was irresponsible and offensive (Sweney.N,2015). However, Miu Miu defended the advert to the ASA, declaring that Goth was in a ” sophisticated outfit, with out a low neck-line, and nude make up”. Vogue mentioned that it had no longer received any lawsuits from their readers. but the ASA is retaining company, ruling that the advert cannot be run once more.


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