Family people united by ties of bond, whether by

Family and the history one carries
its vital for each individual that is part of it. I believe understanding where
you come from, allows you to have a better view of life and its difficulties.
Also, knowing the decisions your ancestors had to take into consideration at
the time being. I believe family is a group of people united by ties of bond,
whether by marriage or adoption, who live together for an indefinite period of
time. It constitutes the basic unit of society.

The most fundamental needs of
people are met in the family, such as: eating, sleeping, feeding, etc. In
addition love, affection, protection and preparing children for adult life,
collaborating with their integration into society. The family union ensures its
members emotional, social and economic stability. It is there where you learn
early to talk, to listen, to know and develop your rights and duties as a human
person. The family, their union, their experience of affection, understanding,
permanent help, motivates each of their members to grow up in a healthy
environment and to be formed as a unique and unrepeatable person. All people
feeling surrounded by loved ones that make them feel important, will achieve
with greater motivation the reach of their goals. Good will always prevail over
evil and it is our responsibility to determine what helps us be better people
to transmit it to our children, family and friends.

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The family is an institution that
exists by natural right, is the most natural and spontaneous of the human
groups, therefore, it has primacy of being and of right in front of any other
institution or group of men. The family is a Community of People founded on the
reciprocal love of its members (father, mother and children), it aims to
engender human beings, subsidize their physical and spiritual needs, educate
them, enhance their human nature, incorporate their members into society and
work to promote the common good. It is a group of people who live under the
same roof, organized in fixed roles (father, mother, brothers, etc.) Naturally,
it passes through birth, then growth, multiplication, decadence and
transcendence. This process is called the life cycle of family life. As I was
doing research on my family history, I encounter with very interesting life
experiences and thoughts that my parents and grandparents experienced
throughout the years. It was quite a journey, listening to the stories they
told and the obstacles they faced with their families and significant others.  


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