Explanation selected items customer provides a bill-to and ship-to

of DFD diagram


§  New users
can registration as registered customers.

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§  After login
user add.

§  When admin
log in and receive order of the customer admin check the payment status,
shipping address and product type and quantity.

§  If user
confirm his/her order admin send the order to the shipping team.

§  Shipping
team deliver the products to customer.

Use-case Diagram


A use case diagram
is a symbol of a user’s communication with the system that presents the
relationship between the user and the different use cases in which the user
involved. Use case diagram can recognize the different types of users and different
use cases of the system.

Explanation of Use-case


§  A consumer uses browser to connect to
the home page of merchant’s website through internet.

§  New consumer can register as
authenticate customer.

§  User login as registered customer
after registration.

§  Consumer browses the catalog of
products featured on the site and select products to purchase.

§  If the item is in stock The selected
items are placed in shopping cart.

§  When the customer ready to complete
the purchase of selected items customer provides a bill-to and ship-to address
for purchase and delivery.

§  After receiving customer information
merchant’s calculate total cost of order including tax and shipping charges and
display total to the customer.

§  After receiving total cost, customer
can now select payment method (Cash on delivery or credit card) and provide
payment information such as credit card number and the submit the order.

§  When the credit card number is
validated and order is completed at the commerce server site, the customer show
a receipts of confirmed purchasing.  

§  The admin of commerce server site
then forward the order for payment processing and arrange to deliver the
products to the customer.

§  The goods are delivered to the



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